A very large number of other insects attack the Apple, including the following more abundant ones: The Gold Tail Moth (Porthesia similis); the Figure-of-8 Moth (Diloba cceruleocephala); Pepper-and-salt Moth (Amyphidasys betularia); various Tortrices (Tortrix ribeana, T. podana, &c); The Small Ermine Moth (Hyponomeuta malinella); various Leaf Miners (Lyonetia clerckella, Cemiostoma scitella, &c): Fruit Bark Beetle (Scolytus rugulosus); Cock Chafers (Melolontha vulgaris, Phyllopertha horticola); Leaf Weevils (Phyllobius oblongus and P. maculicomis); Oyster-shell Bark Louse (Aspidiotus ostreceformis); Brown Scale (Lecanium caprecv); Goat Moth (Cossus ligniperda), etc. For these and other Apple pests the reader is referred to my work on the Insect and Allied Pests of Orchard, Bush, and Hothouse Fruits.

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