The roots of Strawberries are attacked by the white caterpillars of this moth, which appears in May, June, and July, and is seen at dusk flying with a curious pendulumlike movement over plants and grass. In size it varies from 1 to 1\ in. in wing expanse. The fore wings are pale fulvous brown, with a pale almost white streak running from the base to the inner margin, and this is continued from the inner margin to near the apex; the hind wings are brown. The females drop their ova in flight, and the larvae hatch in nine days, and enter the soil, where they feed all the winter on the roots of all kinds of plants. They are very active, and reach 1 1/2 in. in length. They pupate in the soil in May.


Treatment consists of working into the infected land soot and lime, or vaporite, which I have always found kills them, whilst the soot and lime is uncertain in action.