The following are some of the best Peaches: -


Fruit large, round, somewhat flattened, greenish white on shaded side, very dark-red where exposed to the sun; good flavour. The best of the early varieties, but difficult to manage under warm treatment under glass, owing to premature development of the buds in the autumn, which causes them to fall in the spring; good for a cold house. Ripe about 19 July. .

Alexander Noblesse

Fruit very large, round, pale, with some red dots on the side next the sun. A seedling from the old Noblesse, but not so subject to mildew. Ripens middle of August.


Fruit large, longish, downy, pale-yellowish green, deep red next the sun; flesh whitish green; high flavour. Mid-September.

Belleg'arde - Fruit large, globular; skin dark red, pale green, streaked with dark purple or violet next the sun, slightly tinged with yellow on the shaded side; melting, juicy, rich. Ripens mid-September.

Crimson Galande

Fruit medium, round, somewhat flattened, and often indented at the apex; pale, speckled with red, very dark red on the sunny side; excellent flavour. One of the very best. The tree has a good constitution, bears freely, and stands forcing well. Late August.


Fruit large, handsome, somewhat elongated, dotted and shaded with red, highly coloured next the sun; of good flavour. A first-rate cropper. Early August.

Dr. Hogg

Fruit large, round, very pale yellow, with a slight tinge of crimson; sweet rich flavour. Ripe about the first week in August.


Fruit large, round and even, greenish yellow with red dots, bright red next the sun; good flavour.

Early Alfred

Fruit large, elongated, often bearing a nipple at the apex, yellowish green dotted with red, bright red where exposed to the sun; good flavour. Useful for forcing. Early August.

Early Beatrice

Fruit medium, roundish, marbled red on sunny side. One of the earliest. The fruit is much larger if the tree is worked on the Brompton stock. Mid-July.

Golden Eagle

Fruit round, very large, deep yellow, highly coloured with red next the sun; rich piquant flavour. Early October.


Fruit large, round, green, striped and flushed with dull red next the sun; exceptionally rich flavour. One of the finest mid-season varieties.

Grosse Mignonne (Early)

Fruit large, round, somewhat depressed, hollowed at the summit, furnished with a deep suture; pale yellow mottled with red towards the sunny side, which is of a dark-red colour; very rich and vinous. The fruit does not bear carriage well; forces well, and is not subject to mildew. Late August, early September.

Hales' Early

Fruit large, round, green flushed with red, dark crimson where exposed to the sun; moderately good flavour. Ripe about the end of July.

Late Admirable

Fruit large, roundish, somewhat oblong, with a slight depression at the summit, in which there is commonly a small nipple; dull crimson with dark streaks next the sun, pale green on the shaded side, slightly mottled at the junction of the two colours. One of the best late Peaches either for the open ground or forcing. Mid- or late September.