Its presence is shown by green berries being found on the borders in places, and by the eating of the leaves. The weevils can be caught by tapping the Vines at night over a white sheet, and showing a bright light on the leaves at the same time. Green leaves put on the border will attract many during the night, and the weevils will be found under them in the morning. When the Vines are dormant, dress the borders with one of the tried soil sterilizers on the market at the strength advised by the makers. Before starting the house, grease-band the rods near the ground, putting the grease on grease-proof paper tied tightly round the rods; run a line of grease right round the plate and across the doors, and put some round every standard and plate tie, so that no weevil can get up to the leaves. See that no leaves touch the -wall as they grow, and trap with leaves on the border. The writer has cleared the pest completely by these means.

Shanking" is indicated by a black ring forming round the strigs of the berries or the stems of part, or the whole, of a bunch, and the berry or berries beyond shrivel and remain sour and uncoloured. Possibly caused by overcropping, sour borders, and unhealthy root conditions of some sort. Perhaps the best remedy is to prick up the soil with an old fork, and dress with basic slag or slaked lime and avoid heavy watering. Failing this the roots should be lifted, and the borders should be remade, [w. M. B.]