Bessie Brown; a white Rose, large and with a well-formed effective flower. A vigorous grower and blooms abundantly. This, like Killarney, is one of Dickson & Sons' Roses, and they are both desirable for the Rose garden.

Following is an additional list of Monthly Roses that are not as sure blooming as those mentioned above; but all will give much delight to the grower if he has room to use them. It is impossible to give a list of Roses that are sure to succeed with everybody. Some will bloom bountifully for one person, and not at all for the next. The best way is to find out from experience what Roses will do well in your garden, and to make much of these. The soil, the location, the slight variation of climate or temperature, the exposure, all enter into consideration when cultivating this most fickle plant.

Teas and Hybrid Teas

Antoine Rivoire; flesh coloured.

Augustine Guinoisseau; white.

Duchess of Albany; pink, sport of La France.

Meteor; red.

Baldwin; carmine.

Admiral Dewey; pink.

Belle Siebrecht; rich pink.


Apolline; pink.

Champion of the World; light pink. Hermosa; rose. Mrs. De Graw; pink.

Souvenir de Malmaison; blush white. One of the oldest Roses grown; vigorous.