Nordmann's Silver Fir (Picea Nordmanniana) is a glorified variety of Spruce that should be planted if possible in place of the Norway or native. It is a tree of more moderate size but of splendid proportions and of exquisite grace and colouring, shading from very dark, rich green to greenish grey underneath. Its branches are carried lower than any other Spruce tree, the bottom ones often sweeping the ground. This tree is of slow growth and development and expensive to procure, but it will give much pleasure to any one who is fond of evergreens, and is most valuable on account of its habits and colouring where permanent planting is done.

All things considered the native hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) is a better tree to use on a small place than the Norway Spruce. It is more graceful, and although it does not grow into so large a tree (and this is really in its favour) its foliage is extremely delicate and more fringe-like and drooping; it is altogether less clumsy and therefore easier to combine with other trees in a limited area.