The Flowering Almond was always to be found in New England dooryards. It is a small shrub bearing myriads of tiny Rose-shaped flowers strung along its branches before the leaves appear; there is a white and a pink variety. It is a good shrub for the garden as it blooms very early, and its associations are old-fashioned and respectable.

Another old-fashioned shrub about which much mystery and sentiment hangs is the Calycanthus Floridus, or Strawberry Shrub, whose reddish-brown inconspicuous blossoms have a strong Pineapple odour, quite pungent and very acceptable to childish nostrils. Be sure to have two or three of these bushes clumped together somewhere in the yard - against the fence, at the end of a path slightly secluded - for your children would miss an important part of their childhood were they to grow up strangers to this bush's mysterious spell. It has a soothing effect and a sympathetic one, and children are apt to seek it when overwhelmed by fancied troubles that they cannot unburthen to their elders, or plunged in the unexplainable melancholy that they sometimes experience, and that is unfathomable even by their mothers.