(1) leaf - blade and veins of one color.

9. variety Vellozianum, Engl. (C. Vellozianum, Schott. C. Purdieanum, Schott. C. pusillum, C. Koch. C. Sprucednum, Schott. C. firmulum, Schott.). leaf - blade dark green above; basal lobes connate past the middle. Brazil, Peru. R.B. 10:169.

(2) leaf - blade more or less variegated. (a) With a colored disk (Nos. 10-18).

(b) Disk transparent.

10. variety transparens, Engl. (C. transparens, Hort.). Blade with a pale green, nearly transparent disk; midrib and primary veins red-purple.

11. variety rubicundum, Engl. (C. bicolor, Kunth). Petiole green, or variegated green and violet; blade green, with a red, transparent, central disk, and a very narrow red line between the disk and the margin.

(bb) Disk opaque. (c) Purple disk.

12. variety Baraquinii, Engl. (C. Bardquinii, Hort.). Petiole violet; blade with a purple-red disk; beautiful green between the disk and margin; nerves and midrib red-violet. Para. I.H. 7:257. F.S. 13:1378.

13. variety Ketteleri, Engl. (C. Ketteleri, Hort.). Petiole crimson, variegated toward the base; blade with purple disk, midrib and primary veins, sparsely marked between the veins with many small, rosy spots.

(cc) Red disk.

14. variety splendens, Engl. (C. rbseum, Hort. C. splendens, Hort.). Petiole green below, red above; blade with a red disk at the middle; midvein and primary veins red-purple; green between the nerves and along the margin. Lowe, 4.

15. variety Leopoldii, Engl. (C. Leopoldii, Hort. C. Gaerdtii, C. Koch. C. Rogierii, Chant. & Lem.). Petiole violet beneath, red-purple above; blade with a broad, reddish disk; margin green, red-spotted; midrib and primary veins dark red-purple. Para, 1864.

16. variety albomaculatum, Engl. (C. Alfred Bleu). Petiole green; blade green, with red disk, midrib and primary veins, and marked clear to the margin with many large, white spots between the nerves.

(ccc) Rose disk.

17. variety Chantinii, Engl. (C. Chdntinii, Lem. C. Connaertii, Hort. C. amoenum, Hort. C. Marter-steigianum, Hort. C. punctatissimum, Hort. C. Haage-dnum, Hort.). Fig. 732. Petiole more or less violet; blade broadly red-purple along the midrib and primary nerves, rosy at the center, and with very numerous, unequal spots between the nerves clear to the marginal vein. Para, 1858. I.H. 5:185. F.S. 13:1350-51. B.M. 5255. A.F. 8:129. G. 12:375.

(cccc) Light green disk.

18. variety Houlletii, Engl. (C. Houlletii, Lem. C. Mooreanum, Hort.). Petiole green, the sheath and a little of the base violet-variegated; basal lobes of the blade somewhat introrse, rounded, connate one-third; blade obscurely green toward the margin, the midrib and primary veins slightly reddish, and with a pale disk marked with many irregular white spots.

(aa) Without a colored disk. (b) Margins colored throughout. (c) Red margin.

19. variety marginatum, Engl. (C. marginatum, C. Koch). Blade dark green, with a red line on the outer margin.

(cc) Yellow margin.

20. variety Kramerianum, Engl. (C. Krameridnum, Hort.). Veins purple; yellow margin.

21. variety Stangeanum, Engl. (C. Stangeanum, C. Koch). Blade reddish; green along the narrow margin, yellowish toward the margin.

(ccc) Solid white margin.

22. variety Perrierii, Engl. (C. Perrieri, Lem.). Petiole violet-black; blade dull green, with many red-purple spots, and white along the margin. Brazil, 1861.

(cccc) Spotted margin.

23. variety Eckhartii, Engl. (C. Eckhartii, Hort.). Petiole violet-blotched at the base, green above the middle; blade green, with few rosy spots along the margin, and small white ones in the middle.

24. variety Hendersonii, Engl. (C. Hendersonii, Hort.). Petiole variegated violet and green, reddish toward the apex; blade mostly green, reddish next the lower parts of the nerves; midrib and primary veins red-purple spotted; small red spots along the margin.

25. variety Sieboldii, Engl. (C. Sieboldii, Hort.). Petiole violet and green, reddish toward the apex; basal lobes of the leaf somewhat introrse, connate one-third their length, dark green; midrib and primary veins beautifully red-purple spotted, and a very narrow white border, marked with small purple-red spots. A.F. 8:127.

(ccccc) Purple margin.

26. variety Houbyanum, Engl. (C. Houbyanum, Hort.). Petiole dirty green on the lower surface, bright red above; blade bright green, with large pale spots, and small red-purple ones between the midrib and primary veins; a red-purple spot above the insertion of the petiole, and a pale purple line around the margin.

27. variety pellucidum, Engl. (C. pellucidum, DC). Petiole reddish, variegated with violet; blade broadly reddish purple spotted along the midrib and primary veins, and more or less marked with transparent, reddish purple spots between the primary veins; a continuous purple line along the outer margin.

(bb) Margin colored only on basal sinus.

28. variety Devosianum, Engl. (C. Devosianum, Lem. C. Wallisii, Hort. C. Ottonis, Hort.). Petiole green; blade bright green, with small, irregular white spots between the midrib and primary veins, and a narrow crimson border at the sinus. Para. I.H. 9:322.

29. variety haematostigmatum, Engl. (C. hsematostig-matum, Kunth. C. pellucidum, DC. C. discolor, Hort.). Petiole violet; blade dark green, with a purple fine on the basal sinus, and sparsely marked with blood-red spots. Para.

30. variety poecile, Engl. (C. poecile, Schott. C. pallidi-nervium, Hort.). Petiole reddish brown, or closely streaked-variegated; blade dark green; midrib and primary veins paler, often whitish; a red-purple spot where the petiole joins the blade, narrowly purple-margined in the sinus. Brazil.

31. variety regale, Engl. (C. regale, Lem. C. Wagneri, Hort. C. surinamense, Miq. C. sagittaefolium, Sieb.). Blade bright green, purple-margined at the sinus, everywhere marked with small, confluent white spots. W. Indies, 1710. I.H. 9:316.

(bbb) Margin and disk without color. (c) Variegated green blade.