(Greek, beautiful arrangement). Com-pdsitse. Good daisy-like border plants.

Calimeris comprises about 10 Asian herbs, now mostly united with Aster, but horticulturally distinct, and differing from that genus in the hemispherical involucre of few nearly equal scarious-mar-gined bracts, and broad convex receptacle: achene flat and hairy. Hardy perennials of low growth, suited to the border in front of stronger plants. C. tatarica is described in the genus Heteropappus.


DC. (C. incisasfolia, Hort.? Aster incisus, Fisch.). One to 2 ft., erect, corymbose at the summit: leaves lanceolate, remotely incise-dentate; scales of involucre red-margined: flowers large, purple-rayed or almost white, and yellow-centered. - Of easy cultivation in any good soil, making a display throughout July and Aug. The commonest species in cultivation


Nees (Aster alta-icus, Willd.). Lower, pubescent or hispid: leaves linear-lanceolate and entire: scales of involucre pubescent and white-margined; rays narrow, blue.. l. H. B.