(ancient name, of obscure meaning). Araceae. A monotypic genus, containing a native bog-plant with a white spathe.

Herb, with creeping rhizomes and 2-ranked leaves Differs from Orontium in the parallel secondary and tertiary veins of the leaf - blade, as well as in having a prominent more or less fleshy persistent spathe enveloping the spadix, and in the absence of perianth; lower flowers perfect, upper staminate; fruit a red berry. See Zantedeschia for C. aethio-pica, C. albo-maculata, and others. The calla of florists, or calla lily, is Richardia of recent books, but is properly Zantedeschia, where it is described and the culture given in this work.


Linn. Water Arum. Fig. 742. Rhizome bearing many distichous leaves one year, the next only 2 leaves and the peduncle: petioles cylindrical, long-sheathed; blade cordate: spathe elliptical, or ovate-lanceolate, white. Eu., N. Asia, and E. N. Amer. V. 2:197; 14:244. B M. 1831. -An interesting little perennial plant, useful for outdoor ponds. Jared G. Smith.

Calla palustris.

Fig. 742. Calla palustris.