(Greek, beautiful stamens). Legu-minbsse. Evergreen shrubs and trees of greenhouse culture, planted in the open far south.

Leaves bipinnate; Ifts. numerous: flowers usually in globose heads or clusters; corolla small, obscured by the numerous, long, silky, purple or white stamen s. - About 120 species, widely distributed in tropics. Distinguished from Acacia by the presence of a thickened margin on the pod.

Propagation is by cuttings placed in sand over bottom heat. Keep in warm-house, with the exception of those from Mexico.


Benth. (Acacia Lambertiana, D. Don.) Unarmed; branches terete: leaves puberulous-villous; pinnae 2-3-yoked; leaflets 9-12-yoked, oval-oblong, obtuse at both ends; peduncles 3-5, racemose, heads roundish; stamens 20-25, pink. Mex. B.R. 721.


Benth (Acacia tetragona, Willd.). Unarmed; branches tetragonal: pinnae 5-6-yoked: leaflets 16-29-yoked, linear, acute, the outer larger: heads pedunculate, axillary; flowers white. tropical Amer.


Benth. (Acacia portoricensis, Willd.). Unarmed shrub or small tree: pinnae 2-4-yoked; leaflets 15-25-yoked, linear, obtuse, closing at evening; branch-lets pubescent: heads globose, pedunculate, axillary, the white flowers opening as leaves close; calyx ciliate on the margin; stamens 20-25; filaments long, white: pod straight. linear, tapering at base. W. Indies. - Endures temperatures as low as 24° F. in Calif. variety major, a 3plendid form, is known abroad. B.M. 8129.

Tweedyi, Benth. Unarmed shrub, lightly pubescent: pinnae 3-4-yoked; leaflets 20-30-yoked, linear, obtuse, shining: peduncles axillary, 1-2 in. long, from large scaly buds; calyx and corolla silky, lobes erect; stamens long, numerous, purple. Brazil. B.M. 4188.

C. californica, Benth. A stiff, hairy, much-branched shrub cultivation in Calif. It is native near Magdalena Bay and is the most northerly known representative of the genus. - C. caracasana, Benth. [Mimosa caracasana, Jacq.) differs from C. portoricensis in having purple stamens, but is probably not distinct. - C. grandiflora, Benth. Not over 10 ft.: foliage glaucous: flowers scarlet. introduced by Franceschi.=Mimosa grandiflora, L'Her.(?). - C. Saman, Griseb., =Pithecolobium Saman. Harvey Monroe Hall.†