(after Calpurnius, an imitator of Virgil, because these plants are allied to Virgilia). Legumi-nbsae. Trees and shrubs from tropical and southern Africa, cultivated out-of-doors in southern California and other subtropical regions.

Leaves odd-pinnate with numerous leaflets: racemes long, axillary and terminal, the peduncles often paniculate, giving rise to a splendid showy infloresence; flowers yellow, the calyx bell-shaped; petals pea-like: pods membranous-winged on one side, often flattish. - Ten species.


Mey. Shrub, 6-10 ft. high: leaves 2-6 in. long; leaflets in 3-10 pairs, membranous, obovate-ellip-tical, retuse or obtuse: flowers 1/2in. long; ovary glabrous. Caffraria. - Also rarely cultivated N. as a greenhouse shrub.


Mey. (C aurea, Benth.). A taller shrub, very rarely tree-like, with larger evergreen leaves, more coriaceous, more pubescent, and exactly elliptical or oblong lfts: flowers racemose, much like Laburnum, appearing in winter, as do the flowers of most S. African plants. The silky ovary at once distinguishes it. Natal.

N. Taylor.†