(Kalyx, and tome, a section or cut; calyx looks as if cut off). Leguminosae. Ornamental shrubs chiefly grown for their profusely produced yellow flowers; also used for low hedges.

Leaves 3-foliolate, without stipules: flowers papilionaceous; calyx turbinate, truncate, colored; standard upright; keel obtuse, curved, shorter than standard; stamens 10 with the filaments connate; ovary sessile, many-ovuled: pod linear-oblong, along the upper suture winged or strongly thickened, 2-valved. - Five species in the Medit. region.

Calycotomes are low spiny shrubs with small 3-foliolate deciduous leaves and fascicled or solitary yellow papilionaceous flowers. Hardy only in warmer temperate regions. They prefer a sunny position and well-drained soil. For propagation, see Cytisus.


Link. Two to 4 ft.: branchlets grayish tomentose: leaflets obovate to oblong-obovate, densely silky beneath, under 1/2in. long: flowers 1/2in. long, 3 or more, fascicled: pod villous. May, June. - It is excellent for dense low hedges.


Link. Closely allied, but somewhat larger in every part, and with glabrous branchlets and pods: flowers solitary or few. B.R. 32:55. Alfred Rehder.