(Greek, a basket). Bromeliaceae. Epiphytic or terrestrial hothouse plants, requiring the treatment of billbergias.

Leaves in a dense tuft, acute, spinulose on the margin: infloresence compound, in a cup of leaves, on a very short stem as in Nidularium, or on a longer exserted stem; flowers usually green, rarely golden or blue. - A genus of about 10 species, natives of Brazil. They are sometimes referred to Nidularium.

Lindenii, Mez (AEchmea eburnea, Baker. Guzmania fragrans, Hort. Nidularium Lindenii, Regel). Leaves about 20, in a dense rosette, tomentose, green-spotted, the bract-leaves cream-white: flowers white or greenish.


Mez (Karatas amaz6nica, Baker. Nidularium amazonicum, Lind. & Andre. AEchmea amazonica, Hort.). Leaves 15-20, 10-20 in. long, and rather wide at the middle, greenish brown above and light brown beneath, not spotted or scurfy, the bract-leaves greenish brown: flowers white, with a green tube, in a dense head.

C. aurantiacum, E. Morr. (AEchmea aurantiaca, Baker). Plant vigorous: leaves expanded in the middle: flowers yellow, 2 in. long. S. Amer. B. H. 1873:15. George V. Nash.†