(Greek, heart, and man or stamen: alluding to the shape of the anthers). Saxifragaceae. Ornamental half-shrubby plants, rarely cultivated for their white, lilac or pink flowers.

Suffruticose deciduous plants with alternate rather large leaves and small pink, lilac or white flowers in terminal loose corymbs surrounded by large sterile flowers: calyx-tube cupulate, adnate to the ovary; petals 5; stamens numerous with filiform filaments and suborbicular anthers; ovary inferior, incompletely 3-celled; styles 3, short; sterile flowers with 3 large sepals: caps, loculicidal. - Three species in Japan and China. Tender plants, thriving in any good garden soil; best in a partly shaded and moist position. Propogation by greenwood cuttings under glass.


Sieb. & Zucc. One to 3 ft.: leaves broadly elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, tapering into a very short petiole, coarsely serrate, sparsely pilose, membranaceous, 3-7 in. long: flowers pink, lilac or white. Summer. S.Z. 66, 67. Gt. 14:486. Alfred Rehder.