(Capt. Dugald Carmichael, Scotch botanist, who wrote on the flora of the Cape and certain islands). Leguminosae. Shrubs, leafless or usually becoming so, either erect or depressed, with reddish or purplish small flowers, rarely cultivated There are about 20 species in New Zeal., very difficult of delimitation. Leaves 1- or 3-5-foliolate, wanting or deciduous after the bloom has passed: flowers in lateral racemes; calyx cup-shaped or bell-shaped, 5-toothed; corolla papilionaceous, the standard orbicular and usually reflexed, the wings oblong and obtuse and somewhat falcate, the keel oblong and" incurved and obtuse; upper stamen free: pod small, leathery, oblong to orbicular. C. grandi-fldra, Hook, f., is recently offered in S. Calif.: it is much-branched, to 6 ft. high, with compressed and grooved glabrous erect branches: leaves pinnately 3-5-foliolate, appearing in spring and early summer and then caducous, the Ifts. glabrous and obcordate-cuneate: flowers about 1/4in. long, in drooping racemes of 5-12, white or lilac.

C. odorata, Colenso, has pubescent drooping branches, and much smaller flowers in 10-20-flowered racemes: pod smaller 1/4in. or less long) and longer-beaked.

L. H. B