Cottony Cochineal Insect (Dactylopius Confusus)

A scale insect covered with large flocculent masses of pure white wax.


Usually kept in check by its predaceous enemies.

Melitara Junctolinella

Large indigo-blue (young), or conspicuously banded (last stage) larvae living within the joints of opuntia, causing tumor-like swellings.


Burn injured joints with gasolene torch.

Mimorista Flavidissimalis

Yellowish caterpillars burrowing in the young joints, thus destroying new growth. Their presence is indicated by exuding sap.


Powdered arsenate of lead dusted on the young growth early in the season.

Narnia Pallidicorins

Brownish yellow bugs about 3/4inch in length injuring the fruit.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.


Destroy the gregarious bugs with the gasolene torch.

Opuntia Longicorns (Moneilema Sp.)

Shining, black, wingless beetles 3/4 to 1 inch in length. The larvae burrow in the main stems and older joints of the prickly pear.


Hand-picking the beetles; burning infested stems; spraying with arsenate of lead.

Carnation. Carnation Mite (Pediculopsis Graminum)

A minute mite found in the buds and instrumental in transmitting the bud-rot disease.


Gather and burn all infested buds.

Green Plant-Louse (Myzus Persicae)

Small greenish plant-lice infesting the terminal branches.


Fumigation with hydrocyanic acid gas or tobacco.

Carrot. Carrot Beetle (Ligyrus Gibbosus)

A reddish brown beetle 1/2 inch or more long, which attacks the young plants. The larva lives in the ground, where it feeds on humus.


Crop-rotation and other remedies for white grub. See under Corn.

Carrot Rust Fly

See Celery.

Parsnip Leaf-Miner

See Parsnip.

Parsnip Plant-Louse

See Parsnip.

Parsnip Web-Worm

See Parsnip.


See Hickory.


See Chestnut.

Catalpa. Catalpa-Midge (Cecidonyia Catalpae)

Small yellowish-maggots, scarcely 1/8 inch in length when mature, attacking the seeds, terminal buds, ends of branches and leaves, deforming them.


Plow in early fall or late spring to destroy pupae in nurseries. Catalpa Sphinx (Sphinx catalpae). - A sulfur-yellow caterpillar with black head and a broad black stripe down the back, about 2 1/2 inches in length when mature, defoliates the trees. Several broods a season.


Arsenate of lead when the caterpillars are small. Hand-picking later.


See Cabbage.

Ceanothus. Citrus Mealy-Bug

See Citrus.


See Banana.

Oyster-Shell Scale

See Apple.