Celery. Carrot Rust-Fly (Psila Rosae)

Minute whitish yellow maggots infesting the roots and stunting the plants.


Late sowing and rotation of crops. Celery or carrots should not follow each other.

Celery Caterpillar (Papilio Polyxenes)

A large green caterpillar, ringed with black and spotted with yellow, which feeds on the leaves.


Hand-picking as soon as observed.

Celery Leaf-Tyer (Phlyctaenia Ferrugalis)

A greenish caterpillar, feeding on the under side of the leaves.


Spray with arsenicals while the larvae are still young.

Celery Looper (Antographa Falcigera)

A greenish looping caterpillar with white stripes, about 1 1/2 inches long when mature; feeds on the tender leaves.


No satisfactory treatment known.

Little Negro Bug (Corimelaena Pulcaria)

Glossy black bugs, 1/8 inch in length, that collect in clusters in the axils of the leaflets and cause the plants to wilt.


Kerosene emulsion or tobacco extract.

Parsnip Plant-Louse

See Parsnip.


See Beet.

Cherry. Aphis (Myzus Cerasi)

Blackish plant-lice infesting the leaves and tips of new growth.


Spray as soon as the first lice appear with whale-oil soap or tobacco extract.

Canker Worm

See Apple.

Cherry Fruit Flies (Rhagoletis Cingulata And R. Fausta)

Small maggots infesting ripening fruit. Adults are flies with banded wings and insert their eggs under the skin of the fruit.


Spray with arsenate of lead, five pounds in one hundred gallons sweetened with three gallons molasses to kill flies before egg-laying. Should be done when flies first appear, - last of June in New York.

Cherry Scale (Aspidiotus Forbesi)

Resembles the San Jose scale.


Same as for San Jose Scale. See Apple.


See Plum.


See Grape.

Slug (Eriocampoides Limacina)

Larva, 1/2 inch long, blackish and slimy, feeding upon the leaves; two broods.


Arsenicals, hellebore, tobacco extract.

Cherry Tree Tortrix (Archips Cerasivorana)

Tips of branches are frequently webbed into nests by colonies of lemon-yellow caterpillars.


Wipe out nests and destroy the caterpillars.

Peach Tree Borer

See Peach.

Fruit Tree Bark Beetle

See Peach.

Chestnut. Chestnut Weevils (Balaninus Proboscideus And B. Rectus)

Brownish beetles with extremely long, slender snouts with which they bore holes into the nuts for deposition of eggs. The grubs feed on the kernel, producing wormy nuts.


No satisfactory control measures known.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.