Fumigation with full dosage schedule. On deciduous trees lime-sulfur solution, one part in nine parts of water; or distillate emulsion.

Silver Mite (Eriophyes Oleivorus)

A minute, elongate four-legged yellow mite causing russeting of the orange and silvering of the lemon.


Same as for Citrus Red Spider, which see.

Soft Brown Scale (Coccus Hesperidum)

Oval, yellowish brown, flat, soft scale, sometimes with darker markings, Va. inch in length.


Same as for Black Scale, which see.

White-Fly (Aleyrodes Citri And A. Nubifera)

The immature stages are found on the under side of the leaves and are scalelike in form. The adults are minute white-winged flies.


Fumigation. Fungous parasites.

Yellow Scale (Chrysomphalus Citrinus)

Similar to the red scale but yellowish in color.


Same as for Red Scale, which see.

Clematis. Red Spider

See Peach.

Soft Brown Scale

See Citrus.

Coconut. Coconut Scale (Aspidiotus Destructor)

Whitish to creamy transparent scales often abundant on under side of leaves and fruit.


When occurring on young trees spray with whale-oil soap; on older trees it is advisable to remove and burn badly infested leaves.

Coconut Beetle (Strategus Anachoreta)

Large black beetles attacking young trees near the "collar." One beetle will destroy a tree if not removed in time.


Dig out and destroy.

Coconut White-Fly (Aleyrodes Cocois)

Similar to the citrus white fly.


Contact insecticides. Destroy wild food plants.

Florida Red Scale

See Citrus.

Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus Palmarum)

Shining black snout beetles, the larvae of which live in young palm trees reducing the interior tissues to a mass of pulp.


Dress all wounds with tar or similar preparations. Avoid all unnecessary pruning. Destroy all felled trees and stumps not used as traps. The beetles may be attracted by the use of injured palm cabbages and trapped under rubbish.

Rhinoceros Beetle (Oryctes Rhinoceros)

A large beetle about 1 1/2 inches long, attacking and burrowing through the crown and stem.


Destroy all breeding-places, such as old coconut trees, stump, and cocao pods.


See Coconut.

Codiaeum. Greenhouse Thrips

See Citrus.


See Citrus.

Purple Scale

See Citrus.

Coffee. Black Citrus Louse

See Citrus.

Coffee Leaf-Miner (Cemiostoma Coffeella)

A small caterpillar about 1/8 inch long, mines in the leaves producing small brownish areas. Badly infested leaves drop.


No satisfactory treatment known.