Phylloxera (Phylloxera Rastatrix)

A minute insect preying upon the roots, and in one form causing galls upon the leaves.


As a rule, this insect is not destructive to American species of vines. Grafting upon resistant stocks is the most reliable method of dealing with the insect yet known. This precaution is taken to a large extent in European countries and in California, as the European vine is particularly subject to attack.


There is no reliable and widely practicable remedy known.

Rose-Chafer (Macrodactylus Subspinosus)

The ungainly, long-legged grayish beetles occur in sandy regions, and often swarm into vineyards and destroy the blossoms and foliage.


At the first appearance of the beetles, spray with arsenate of lead at the rate of eight or ten pounds in one hundred gallons of water, to which should be added one gallon of molasses.

Tree Cricket

See Bramble Fruits.


See Citrus.

Guava. Black Scale

See Citrus.

Guava Mealy-Bug (Pseudococcus Nipse)

Closely resembles the ordinary mealy-bug.


Carbolic acid emulsion.

Hemispherical Scale

See Citrus.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly

See Citrus.

Hedera. Black Scale; Florida Red Scale; Hemispherical Scale;


See Citrus.

Oleander Aphis (Aphis Nerii)

Deep yellowish plant-lice, marked with black, cluster on the young shoots and buds.


Contact insecticides.

Oleander Scale (Aspidiotus Hederx)

Flat, circular, gray scales, 1/8 inch in diameter.


Same as for San Jose Scale (apple), which see.

Soft Brown Scale

See Citrus.

Helianthus. Stem Maggot

See Artichoke.

Heliotropium. Red-Spider

See Peach.

Hibiscus. Melon Aphis

See Muskmelon.

Hickory. Gall Aphis (Phylloxera Sp.)

Yellowish green plant-lice causing hollow galls on the leaves, petioles and small twigs.


Spray with contact insecticides just as the buds are opening.

Hickory Bark Beetle (Eccoptogaster Quadrispinosa)

Small brown beetle burrowing into twigs, buds and green nuts in June and July. Early in August the females penetrate the bark of living trees forming longitudinal burrows along the sides of which eggs are deposited. The grubs burrow transversely in the sap-wood, soon killing the trees.


Cut and burn all infested trees before May of each year.

Nut Weevil

See Pecan.


See Apple.

Hollyhock. Hollyhock Bug (Orthotylus Delicatus)

A small green bug attacking the hollyhock with much damage.


Kerosene emulsion; tobacco extracts.

Melon Aphis

See Muskmelon.