Horse-Radish. Cabbage-Worm

See Cabbage.

Flea Beetles

See Potato.

Harlequin Cabbage-Bug

See Cabbage.

Ipomcea. Soft Brown Scale

See Citrus.

Iris. White-Fly

See Citrus.

Jasminum. Citrus White-Fly

See Citrus.

Soft Brown Scale

See Citrus.


See Hickory.

Juniper. Bagworm (Thyridopteryx Ephemeraeformis)

Small caterpillars in curious bag-like shelters defoliating the trees in early summer.


Arsenate of lead, two pounds to one hundred gallons of water.

Juniper Scale (Diaspis Carueli)

Snow-white, circular scales with yellow central exuviae.


Nothing known.

Juniper Web-Worm (Phalonia Rutilana)

Small flesh-colored caterpillar that webs the leaves together.




See Cabbage.


See Cabbage.


See Citrus.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.

Lantana. Greenhouse White-Fly

See Tomato.


-See Citrus.


See Coleus.

Larix. Case-Bearer (Coleophora Laricella)

A small reddish brown caterpillar mining the leaves when young. In September it constructs a case and feeds on the surrounding leaves for a time, migrates to the branches and there hibernates.


Spray with lime-sulfur before the buds open to destroy the hibernating caterpillars.

Larch Saw-Fly (Lygaeonematus Erichsonii)

Grayish green larvae with black heads feeding on the foliage.


Spray with arsenicals.

Laurus. Black Scale

See Citrus.

Frosted Scale

See Apricot.

Soft Brown Scale, And Thrips

See Citrus.

White Peach Scale

See Peach.


See Citrus.

Lespedeza. Smoky Crane-Fly (Tipula Infuscata)

Dirty yellowish maggots, 4/5 inch long, feeding on the roots, often in great abundance.


Short crop-rotation.

Lettuce. Aphis, Or Green-Fly (Macrosiphum Lactucae)

A plant-louse on forced lettuce.


Tobacco-dust applied on the soil and plants as soon as the aphis makes its appearance, or even before. Renew every two or three weeks if necessary. Fumigating with tobacco is the surest remedy.

Cabbage-Looper (Autographa Brassiae)

Larva somewhat over an inch long, pale green, with stripes of a lighter color, feeding on leaves of many plants, as cabbage, celery, and endive.


Pyrethrum diluted with not more than three times its bulk with flour; kerosene emulsion; hot water.

Greenhouse White-Fly

See Tomato.

Root-Louse (Rhizobius Lactucae)

Small dull-whitish lice, about one-tenth inch in length, feeding on the roots.