Fumigate with tobacco preparations under cloth-covered frames placed over the plants. Cloth should be treated with linseed oil before using, to make gas-proof. In large fields, spray with "Black Leaf 40" tobacco extract, three-fourths pint to one hundred gallons of water, adding four pounds of soap.

Melon Caterpillar (Diaphania Hyalinata)

Pale, greenish yellow caterpillar about 4/5 inch in length when mature, feeding on the foliage early in the season; later boring in the fruits.


Use arsenicals early in the season.


See Cucumber.


See Squash.

Narcissus. Green Aphis

Tobacco extract, soap solution or fumigation.

Narcissus Bulb Fly (Merodon Equestris)

Grayish maggots, 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length when mature, feeding in the bulb. The adult is a large hairy fly.


Examine bulbs and discard infested ones, burning them. If bulbs are placed in water for from two to eight days the maggots will usually leave them. Nasturtium. Aphis. A dark-colored plant-louse.


Spray the plants with tobacco extract or soap solution.


See Peach.

Nelumbo. Plant-Lice

Use tobacco preparations for controlling these pests.

Nepenthes. Mealy-Bugs

See Citrus.

Nerium. Oleander Scale

See Hedera.

Oak. Brown-Tail Moth

See Apple.

Gipsy Moth

See Apple.

Pit-Making Oak-Scale (Asterolecanium Variolosum)

Circular greenish yellow scales with a glassy appearance. Especially destructive to golden oak.


Kerosene emulsion or soap solution. Tent Caterpillars; Tussock Moth;

Twig-Pruner. - See Apple. Okra. Melon Aphis

See Muskmelon.

Olive. Black Scale

See Citrus.

Black Citrus Louse

See Citrus.

Chrysomphalus Rossi

Circular or oblong, reddish to dark brown scale with a central black spot.


Same As For Red Scale

See Citrus.

Oleander Scale

See Hedera.

Pineapple Scale

See Pineapple. Purple Scale; Red Scale;


See Citrus.

Onion. Black Onion Fly (Tritoxa Flexa)

Whitish maggots attacking the bulbs of onions.


Same as for cabbage maggot.

Onion Maggot (Phorbia Cepetorum)

Small maggot feeding on the bulb and roots; several generations.


Use lime, tobacco dust or hellebore as repellents to prevent oviposition. Some of the maggots may be killed by applying carbolic acid emulsion or hellebore decoction to the soil about the plants.


See Corn.

Onion Thrips (Thrips Tabaci)

Minute, elongate, pale yellow insects attack the leaves, causing them to wilt.