Burn twigs before the beetle escapes.

Pecan. Bud-Moth (Proteopteryx Deludana)

A brownish caterpillar about 1/2 inch in length, feeding on the opening buds in early spring and on the under side of the leaves in summer.


Arsenate of lead in summer to kill larvae of second brood. Lime-sulfur and arsenate of lead in dormant season just before buds open, to destroy hibernating larvae.

Case-Bearer (Acrobasis Nebulella)

A small caterpillar living inside a case which it carries with it. It attacks the opening buds.


Arsenate of lead as soon as the buds begin to open. Repeat if necessary.

Borer (Sesia Scitula)

A wood-boring caterpillar working in the sap-wood.


Digging out.

Pecan Weevil (Balaninus Caryae)

A dull, dark brown beetle with a long and slender snout with which it punctures the husk and shell of the maturing nuts for oviposition. The grubs live within the nut feeding on the kernel.


Destroy all infested nuts. This should be as soon as they fall.


See Grape.

Round-Headed Borer

See Apple.


See Cherry.

Twig-Girdler (Oncideres Cingulatus)

A brownish gray beetle, about 1/2 inch long, which girdles twigs in August and September. The female lays eggs above the girdle. The twigs soon fall.


Burn the twigs, either cutting them off or gathering them when they fall.


See Apple.

Persimmon. Twig-Girdlers

See Pecan. White Peach-Scale (Diaspis pentagona).


Lime-sulfur when the trees are thoroughly dormant.

Picea. Spruce Bud-Worm (Tortrix Fumiferana)

Small caterpillar feeding on the young foliage, causing the tips of the twigs to turn reddish, due to the dying of the foliage. Frequently serious in forests.

Spruce Gall Aphid (Chermes Abietis)

Plant-lice causing cone-shaped, many-celled galls at the bases of young shoots.


Spray with whale-oil soap, one pound in two gallons of water, in early spring. Cut off all galls and burn Before the lice leave them.

Pine. Pine Leaf-Scale (Chionaspis Pinifolix)

Small white scales frequently abundant on the foliage.


Kerosene emulsion or tobacco extracts when the young are hatching.

Pine Weevil (Pissodes Strobi)

Small grub working in the terminal branch, which is killed, causing distorted trees.


Cut out and burn infested branches.

Pineapple. Katydid (Acanthacara Similis)

A large katydid which attacks, among other plants, the leaves of the pineapple.


Arsenicals, before the plants are mature.

Mealy-Bugb (Several Species)

These mealy white insects attack the plant at the base of the leaves, usually underground.