Arsenicals, either dry or in spray, about a third stronger than for fruits. Hand-picking the beetle.

Flea-Beetle (Halticini)

Small, dark-colored jumping beetles that riddle the leaves with holes.


Bordeaux mixture as applied for potato blight acts as a repellent.

Potato Tuber-Worm (Phthorimxa Operculeua)

A small caterpillar burrowing in the stems and tubers both in the field and in storage.


Clean cultivation, sheep and hogs to destroy the small potatoes left in the field after digging. Crop-rotation over a considerable area. On digging, remove the potatoes at once to an uninfested storeroom. Do not leave them on the field over night.

Stalk-Weevil (Trichobaris Trinotata)

A grub boring in the stalk of the potato near or just below the ground. Serious in the West and in some places eastward.


Pull all infested vines as soon as they wilt, and spread them in the sun where the insects will be killed. Burn the vines as soon as the crop is harvested. Destroy all solanaceous weeds.


See Corn.

Primula. White-Fly

See Citrus.,

Privet Or Prim. Privet Web-Worm (Diaphania Quadristigmalis)

Small larva feeding in webs on the young snoots of the privet, appearing early in the season; two to four broods.


Trim the hedge as soon as the worms appear, and burn the trimmings. Probably the arsenicals will prove useful.


See Plum.


See Plum.

Pseudotsuga. Seed Chalcis (Megastigmus spermotrophus). - Small whitish grub devours the kernel of the seed, often destroying the whole crop. No known remedy.


See Apple. Quince.

Green Aphis

See Apple.

Quince Curculio (Contrachelus Cratxgi)

This curculio is somewhat larger than that infesting the plum, and differs in its life-history. The grubs leave the fruits in the fall, and enter the ground, where they hibernate and transform to adults the next May, June or July, depending on the season.


When the adults appear, jar them from the tree onto sheets or curculio - catchers and destroy them. To determine when they appear, jar a few trees daily, beginning the latter part of May. Arsenicals. Pick and burn all infested fruits a month before harvest..

Round-Headed Borers. - See Apple. Slug

See Cherry.

Radish. Maggot (Pegomya Brassicse)

Treated the same as the Cabbage Maggot, which see.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.


See Bramble Fruits.

Rhododendron. Borer (Sesia Rhododendri)

Whitish caterpillars burrowing in the trunk and larger branches which are often killed.


Dig out borers or cut out infested branches and burn.

Lace Bug (Leptobyrsa Explanata)

Small, lace-winged bugs on the under side of the leaves, causing them to turn brown and die.