Spray with soap solution.

Rhubarb. Rhubarb-Curculio (Lixus Concavus)

A grub 3/4 inch long, boring into the crown and roots. It also attacks wild docks.


Burn all infested plants and keep down the docks. Hand-picking.

Rhus. Apple Tree-Borer

See Apple.

Jumping Sumac-Beetle (Blepharida Rhois)

Larva, l/2 inch long, dull greenish yellow, feeding on leaves; two broods.

Remedy. - Arsenicals. Ribes

See Currant.

Robinia. Leaf-Miner (Odontota Dorsalis)

A black and yellowish white grub about 1/4 inch in length, mining the leaves, causing blister-like spots.


Arsenate of lead the last of July to first of August.

Locust-Borer (Cyllene Robinix)

Large, brownish yellow grub burrowing in the trunk, causing large ugly scars. The beetle is black prettily marked with yellow stripes and bands.


None known. Rose.


Tobacco extracts; syringe the plants in the morning, and two hours later syringe again with clean water.

Rose Aphis (Macrosiphum Rosae And Myzus Rosarum)

Greenish plant-lice, attacking leaves and buds.


Tobacco extracts and soap solutions. Rose-Chafer, Rose-Beetle, or "Rose-Bug." - See Grape.

Rose Leaf-Hopper (Typhlocyba Rosae)

A very small hopper, white, often mistaken for thrips, living on the leaves of roses.


Whale-oil soap; kerosene; kerosene emulsion; dry pyrethrum blown on bushes when leaves are wet; tobacco extracts.

Rose Midge (Neocerata Rhabdophaga)

Small maggots, distorting leaf and flower-buds.


No satisfactory treatment known.

Rose Scale (Aulacaspis Rosse). - Small, Whitish Circular Scales. Treatment

Soap solutions or tobacco extracts when young are hatching.


See Tomato.


See Bramble Fruits.

Salix. Cottonwood Leaf-Beetle

See Populus.

Oyster-Shell Scale

See Apple.


See Populus.

Willow-Worm (Euvanessa Antiopa)

Larva nearly 2 inches long, black, feeding upon leaves of willow, elm, and poplar two broods.



Salvia. Orthezia

See Coleus.

White Fly

See Tomato.

Scilla. Narcissus Bulb Fly

See Narcissus.

Smilax. Citrus White Fly

See Citrus.


See Potato.

Sorbus. San Jose Scale

Scurfy Scale

See Apple. Spinach.


See Potato.

Leaf-Miner (Pegomya Vicina)

Small maggot mining the leaves.


Clean cultivation to destroy its wild food plant

(lamb's quarters). Destroy all infested leaves. By raising spinach as an early or late crop, much of the damage can be avoided.