On greenhouse violets there is nothing better than a stiff spray of clear water so applied as not to drench the beds. Repeat the spraying once or twice a week.


See Grape.


See Hickory.

Watermelon. Melon Aphis

See Muskmelon.

Yucca (Lonchaea Chalybea)

Small maggot destroying the buds. Very serious pest.


Collect and burn all infested shoots.

Long-Horned Beetle (Lagochirus Obsoletus)

A white grub 1 1/5 inches in length when mature, boring in the trunk and doing great damage. The adult is a large reddish brown beetle and feeds on the foliage.


When beetles are most abundant prune plants to the ground and burn. Spray with arsenicals to destroy beetles.

Sphinx Caterpillars (Dilophonota Ello)

Large caterpillar feeding on the foliage. The parent moth is a large hawk-moth rather showily colored.


Arsenate of lead, six pounds to one hundred gallons of water.


See Corn. C. R. Crosby.

Robert Matheson.