Root-Louse (Aphis Maidiradicis)

Small bluish green plant-lice infesting the roots, causing the plants to turn yellow and sickly.


Mix tobacco dust into the soil around the plants when transplanting.

White Grubs

See Corn.

Aucuba. The Yellow Scale

See Citrus.

Avocado. Leaf-Roller (Amorbia Emigratella)

A yellowish green caterpillar striped with pinkish brown, about 1 inch long when mature, rolls the leaves and eats small holes in the fruit, rendering it unfit for sale.


Arsenate of lead when the caterpillars appear.

Mealy-Bug (Dactylopius Nipae)

A small unarmored scale with white mealy covering.


Kerosene emulsion, one part to ten parts water.

Bamboo. Cottony Bamboo Scale (Antonina Crawi)

Small purplish red scales 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length, covered with a dense cottony coating; often 1/2 inch in diameter. They collect in large numbers in the crotches and leaf-axils.


Repeated applications of kerosene emulsion.

Plant Louse (Myzocallis Arundicolens)

Small yellowish lice which collect in large numbers on the under surface of the leaves.


Contact sprays.

Banana. Banana Weevil (Sphenophorus Sordidus)

A small grub boring in the stems.

Florida Red Scale

See Citrus.

Mealy-Bug (Ceroputo Yuccae)

Soft scales closely resembling the common mealy-bug (Pseudococcus).


Kerosene emulsion.

Bean. Bean Lady-Bird (Epilachua Corrupta)

A light yellowish brown lady-bird beetle, with four black spots on each wing-cover, attacks and devours all parts of the bean plant. The larva, which is yellow and covered with stout branched spines, also feeds on the bean.


Arsenate of lead or kerosene emulsion.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.

Bean Leaf-Beetle (Cerotoma Trifurcata)

A pale yellow beetle 1/5inch in length, with black markings on the wing-covers, often eats round holes in the leaves. The larvae feed on the roots and main stems of the plants.


Arsenate of lead as soon as the beetles appear.

Bean-Weevil (Bruchus Obtectus)

Closely resembles the pea-weevil, which see for description and remedies. Holding over the seed will be of no value with this insect.

Corn-Ear Worm

See Corn.


See Corn.

Pea Aphis

See Pea.

Seed-Corn Maggot (Pegomya Fusciceps)

A maggot attacking germinating seeds and roots of young plants.


Avoid stable manure; practise crop-rotation. In the garden, use sand moistened with kerosene around the plants to keep the flies from laying the eggs.

Beet. Beet Aphis (Pemphigus Betas)

A root-infesting plant-louse locally abundant in certain western states.