GG. Petals 8 times or more as broad as the sepals which are not undulate or but slightly so. H. Lip with a large orange blotch in the center, surrounded by circles of white and purple in order................. 7. Eldorado

HH. Lip with other color arrangement. I. The lip about as wide as or wider than the petals. J. Tube of lip yellow; sepals and petals white.............. 8. Rex

JJ. Tube white or colored other than yellow. K. Border of limb white, the center bright purple variegated with violet............. 9. Mossiae

KK. Limb without white border. L. Throat with a yellow or white eye on each side........10. Luddemanniana

LL. Throat without eye.

M. Color of tube white, or the same as petals; limb purple-crimson .... 11. Mendelii MM. Color of tube and limb bright purple; throat with

2 yellow spots... 12. Warscewiczii

II. The lip narrower than petals.

J. Limb much shorter than the tube, the margin relatively but little crisped.............13. Trianae

JJ. Limb about as long as the tube, the margin much crisped. K. Throat with a golden eye on each side.... 14. labiata KK. Throat without eye. L. Margin of limb different in color from the center. M. Petals longer than the sepals and lip; flowers 4 1/2-5 in. across.........15. Percivaliana key to the species, continued mm. Petals about as long as sepals and lip; flowers 6-7 in. across......16. Gaskelliana ll. Limb not margined.. 17. Warneri ee. Plants small: pseudobulbs ovate or oblong: flowers small, yellow...I8. luteola dd. Pseudobulbs 2-3-lvd.

E. Peduncle pendent, bearing usually a single yellow flower; lip entire....................19. citrina ee. Peduncle erect, bearing 2-10 flowers or more; lip usually 3-lobed. F. Ground-color of sepals and petals not green nor brown. a. With large purple spots.... 20. amethystoglossa gG. Not spotted h. Flowers 5-10; sepals and petals not fleshy. I. Lip emarginate; blooms in fall...............21. Bowringiana ii. Lip acute; blooms in spring..............22. Skinneri hh. Flowers 2-5; sepals and petals fleshy. I. Middle lobe of lip much broader than tube.....23. Victoriaregina

11. Middle lobe of lip not broader than tube. j. Color of sepals and petals pale or white; petals the same width as dorsal sepal......24. intermedia

JJ. Color of sepals and petals marked; petals broader than dorsal sepal. K. Lateral lobes of lip and petals acute.... 25. violacea kk. Lateral lobes of lip and petals obtuse. L. Lip distinctly 3-lobed, the nerves of the disk smooth....26. Loddigesii ll. Lip indistinctly 3-lobed, the nerves of the disk rugose-thickened........27. Harrisoniana ff. Ground-color of sepals and petals brown.............28. Leopoldii fff. Ground-color of sepals and petals green, a. Lip warty or papillate.

h. Claw long..............29. granulosa hh. Claw short or wanting... .30. guttata gg. Lip not warty nor papillate. H. Middle lobe much broader than the tube; sepals and petals spotted..........31. Schilleriana hh. Middle lobe not broader than the tube; sepals and petals not spotted.......32. Forbesii

AA. Infloresence from the base of the pseudobulb. b. Pseudobulbs 1-lvd.: lateral lobes of lip separated, exposing column...33. Walkeriana bb. Pseudobulbs 2-lvd.: lateral lobes of lip forming a tube, concealing column......................34. nobilior

1. Aclandiae, Lindl

stems 4-5 in. tall, bearing 2 or 3 leaves 2-3 in. long: peduncle with 1 or 2 flowers 3-4 in. across; sepals and petals similar, obtuse, greenish yellow, marked with spots of black-brown; lip fleshy in the middle, somewhat fiddle-shaped, the lateral lobes small, curved over the column, the middle lobe large, broadly reniform, undulate, rose-purple with darker veins. Brazil. B.M. 5039. CO. 23. There is a variety nigrescens.

2. Bicolor, Lindl

Pseudobulbs cylindric, deeply striate, 1-3 ft. tall, 2-lvd.: leaves4-6 in. long, oblong-lanceolate: peduncle with 2-6 fragrant flowers 3-4 in. across; sepals oblong, acute, usually olive or bronze-green, the lateral falcate; petals like the sepals but undulate; lip crimson-purple, sometimes white-margined, the lateral lobes wanting, the middle lobe recurved, oblong-cuneate, bilobed, channeled in the center. Brazil. B.M. 4909. CO. 10. O.R. 10:305.

3. Doldsa, Reichb

(C. Walkeriana variety dolasa, Veitch). Pseudobulbs 4-6 in. long, usually 2-lvd., the leaves oblong: peduncle 1- or 2-flowered; sepals and petals acute, rose-purple to lilac, the sepals oblong-lanceolate, the petals cuneate-ovate; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes erect, the middle lobe reniform, emarginate, amethyst-purple. Brazil. G.C II. 5:430-1. V.O. 2:49. A.G. 11:159.

4. Dowiana, Batem

(C. labiata variety Dowiana, Veitch). Pseudobulbs up to 1 ft. tall, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves up to 1 ft. long: peduncle 2-6-flowered; flowers 6-7 in. across; sepals and petals nankeen-yellow, the sepals lanceolate, acute, less than half as wide as the undulate petals; lip ample, about as long as the petals, the tube yellow, striped with purple, the limb crisped, velvety, dark purple, finely and beautifully veined with golden lines which radiate from the median lines. R.H. 1869:30. A.F. 25:593; 21:838; 30:1078. C.L.A. 11:45;19:343. Costa Rica, where it was discovered by Warscewicz. - It was rediscovered in 1864 by Mr. Arce, who sent plants to Eu., where they were purchased by Messrs. Veitch & Son, in whose establishment they flowered for the first time. variety aurea, Williams & Moore (variety chrysotoxa, Hort.), has the sepals and petals of a deeper yellow and the golden veins on the lip more copious and anastomosing. Colombia. A.F. 6:563; 12: 10. F.R. 1:76. CO. 2a. O.R. 19:17. variety jenseniana, Hort. A large and handsome form. variety rosita, Hort. Sepals creamy white, tinged with purple; petals rose-purple, tinged with yellow.

5. Lawrenceana, Reichb

Pseudobulbs 12-15 in. tall, fusiform-clavate, compressed, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong, 6-9 in. long: peduncle 5-8-flowered; flowers 4-5 in. across; sepals and petals pale rosy purple to almost white, the sepals linear-oblong, the petals elliptic-oblong, undulate, about twice as wide as the sepals; lip with a narrowly cylindric tube, colored externally like the sepals and petals, the limb purple with a maroon blotch. Brit. Guiana. B.M. 7133. R. 1:12.