6. Maxima, Lindl

Pseudobulbs about 1 ft. tall, claviform, furrowed, compressed, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong, 5-10 in. long: peduncle 3-6-flowered; flowers 4-5 in. across; sepals and petals lilac or pale rose, acute, the sepals lanceolate-ligulate, the petals about twice as broad as the sepals, undulate or crisped; lip as long as petals, the limb crisped, pale rose or crimson-purple with a median yellow stripe, from which radiate darker fines, the border white. Ecuador and Peru. B.M. 4902. F.S. 20:2136. F.R. 1:298. CO. 13.

7. Eldorado, Lind

(C. labiata variety Eldorado, Veitch)-Pseudobulbs 6-8 in. tall, stout, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong, 8-12 in. long: peduncle with 1-3 fragrant flowers 5-6 in. across; sepals and petals pale rosy lilac passing to white, the sepals lanceolate, acute, the petals oval-rhomboid, obtuse, undulate; lip longer than lateral sepals, externally the same color as petals, the limb crisped, emarginate, a large central orange blotch surrounded by zones of white and purple. Brazil. F.S. 18:1826. CO. 26. variety crocata, Hort. Sepals and petals white or pale rose, the orange spot of lip extended in a broad line to the base. variety Wallisii, Rand. (C. Wallisii, Lind.). Flowers pure white except golden spot on lip. CO. 26a.

8. Rex, O'Brien

Pseudobulbs 8-14 in. tall, claviform or fusiform, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves up to 1 ft. long, oblong: peduncle with 3-6 flowers 6-7 in. across; sepals and petals cream-white, the sepals acutish, linear-oblong, the petals obtuse, as long as sepals but 3 times their width, oval-rhomboid, undulate; Up about as long as lateral sepals, the tube yellow, veined with purple, the limb crisped, the front part margined white surrounding a crimson center veined with a lighter shade. Peruvian Andes. B.M.8377. R.H. 1894:228. CO. 22.

9. Mossiae, Hook

(C. Carrieri, Houll. C. labiata variety Mossise, Lindl. C. Peetersii, Andre). Pseudobulbs fusiform, compressed, furrowed, 12-15 in. tall, 1-lvd.: leaves 6-8 in. long, oblong: peduncle with 3-5 flowers 6-7 in. across; sepals and petals rose, of equal length, the sepals lanceolate, the petals oval-elliptic, crisped, especially on upper margin; Up with the tube colored like petals, the limb ample, emarginate, strongly undulate-crisped, the center purple, variegated with violet, the margin white, the throat yellow lined with purple-crimson. La Guayra. B.M. 3669. R.H. 1857, p. 322. S.H. 1:149. O.R. 18:241. CO. 9. A.G. 14:70. A.F. 6:563. variety cserulea, Cogn., has the sepals and petals and spot on the limb a pale blue-violet. CO. 9e. variety Reineckiana, O'Brien (C. Reineckidna, Reichb.), has the sepals, petals and external of tube white, the limb a mauve-lilac, bordered white, the throat yellow, veined purple-violet. CO. 9b. variety Wageneri, Veitch (C. Wageneri, Reichb.), has flowers white except the small yellow spot on lip.

O.R. p. 24. variety rouseleana, Hort., has rosy flowers variety coundoniensis, Hort. Flowers large and richly colored. variety dulcis, Hort. Flowers rose-tinted; lip orange in center, rich rose-crimson in front, finely crimped. variety boelensis, Hort. Dark-colored form. variety coelestis, Hort. Flowers lavender-tinted. variety fulgens, Hort. Fine flowers in shape and color. variety Alexandra, Hort. Flowers pure white with tinge of rose-pink on lip. variety alba, Hort. Flowers white. variety Goosensiana, Hort. Lip deep reddish violet, with white crimped margin; sepals and petals white. variety aureola, Hort. Flowers large, white. variety Floryae, Hort. Flowers pure white. - A variable group.

10. Luddemanniana, Reichb. F

(C. labiata variety Lud-demannidna, Reichb. f. C. Dawsonii, Warner. C. spe-ciosissima, Hort. C. Roezlii, Reichb. f. C. Maloudna, Lind. C. Bassettii, Hort.). Pseudobulbs clavate, 8-12 in. tall, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong, 6-10 in. long: peduncle

2-5 fid.; flowers 5-6 in. across; sepals and petals rose-purple, suffused with white, the sepals oblong, acute, the petals elliptic, undulate; Up with the tube of same color as petals, the front lobe crisped, emarginate, amethyst-purple, the throat with 2 yellow or white blotches, separated by fines of amethyst-purple. Venezuela. CO. 21. variety


Hort. Flowers white. O.R. 16:201. variety Stanleyi, Hort. Flowers white, disk of lip yellow, front lobe lined with purple.

11. Mendelii, Backh

(C. labiata variety Mendelii, Reichb. f. C. Morganise, Williams). Fig. 841. Pseudo-bulbs 12-16 in. tall, compressed, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong, 6-10 in. long: peduncle with 2 or 3 flowers 7-8 in. across; sepals and petals white, or often tinted pale rosy mauve, the sepals oblong-lanceolate, the petals obliquely oval, obtuse, crisped; lip with the tube white or colored like petals, the front lobe much crisped, rich crimson-purple abruptly passing into the yellow throat which is reddish streaked. Colombia. O.R. 1:273; 10:233. S.H. 2:413. CO. 19. variety Bluntii, Hort., has the flowers white, except a small yellow spot on lip. variety Maudeae, Hort. White with rose markings on the lip. variety gigantea, Hort., has a very large lip. variety hack-bridgensis, Hort. Petals blotched with crimson. variety Bertii, Hort. Flowers white tinted with rose. variety leuco-glossa, Hort. Sepals bluish tinted. variety L6wiae, Hort. Lip white, pale purple at apex. variety wisetonensis, Hort. Lip rich rose-purple, delicately veined; throat yellow veined with reddish purple. variety macroziana, Hort. Flowers very large.

R.H. 1903, p. 253 (desc). variety Lachneri, Hort. Lip curiously colored, front lobe having a broad marginal band of dark purple sparingly blotched with white and an inner band of lighter purple. variety Pietiae, Hort. Flowers nearly white; lip marked with pink. variety majestica, Hort. Flowers large, white. variety Dixonae, Hort. Attractive blush-pink form. variety Lambeanana, Hort. Flowers white.

Cattleya Mendelii.

Fig. 841. Cattleya Mendelii.