15. Percivaliana, O'Brien

(C. labiata variety Percivali-ana, Reichb. f.). Pseudobulbs up to 1 ft. tall, clavate, strongly furrowed when old, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong: peduncle bearing 2 or 3 flowers 4-5 in. across; sepals and petals commonly rose-lilac, tinted purple-amethyst, the sepals linear-lanceolate, the petals longer than the sepals, crisped; lip rather small, shorter than the petals, the tube of the same color as petals, tinged with yellow, the front lobe purple-crimson, shaded with maroon, the undulate border lilac, the throat yellow to orange, streaked with purple. Venezuela. C.O.7. F.R. 1:297. J.H. III. 32:179. variety grandiflora, Hort. Flowers larger, the sepals and petals bright rose, the petals strongly crisped above, the lip with the tube yellow-orange variegated with rose, the front lobe maroon-purple with a bright rose border, the throat orange-yellow. CO. 7a. variety summiten-sis, Hort. Sepals and petals a pale delicate pink.

16. Gaskelliana, Reichb. F

(C. labiata variety pallida, Williams. C. labiata variety Gaskelliana, Sander.). Pseudobulbs 8-42 in. tall, oblong-fusiform, compressed, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves 8-12 in. long, oblong: peduncle bearing 2 or 3 Ifts. 6-7 in. across; sepals and petals of equal length, commonly purple-violet, suffused with white, the color sometimes deeper and more uniform, rarely marked with a median band of white, the sepals lanceolate, the petals oval, undulate; Up as long as the petals, the tube of same color as petals, the front lobe emarginate, undulate, purple-violet, with a pale border, the throat yellow streaked with darker yellow, bordered on each side with a zone of yellowish white. Brazil and Venezuela. I.H. 33:613. A.F. 6:185; 30:662. variety alba, Williams. Sepals and petals pure white, the lip cream-white, the throat a pale yellow streaked with darker yellow. CO. 20a. variety caerulea, Hort. Flowers pure white with bluish spot on base of lip. variety Hodgkinsonii, Hort. Sepals and petals white; front of lip crimson.

17. Warneri, Moore

(C. trilabiata, Rodr. C. labiata variety Warneri, Veitch). Pseudobulbs 4-8 in. tall, cylindric or fusiform, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves oblong, 6-7 in. long: peduncle with 3-5 flowers 6-8 in. across; sepals and petals rosy mauve, the sepals lanceolate, the petals oval; Up shorter than lateral sepals, the tube the color of the petals, the front lobe strongly crisped, emarginate, bright purple-violet, the throat yellow-orange, streaked with white or pale lilac. Brazil. CO. 12. A.F. 6:563. - Very like C. labiata, but flowering in late spring and early summer. variety alba, Hort. Flowers white, except the pale yellow throat, streaked with orange-yellow. CO. 12a.

18. Luteola, Lindl

(C. Holfordii, Hort. C. flavida, Klotzsch. C. Meyeri, Regel. C. modesta, Mey.). Dwarf: pseudobulbs 2-3 in. long, ovoid, 1-lvd.: leaves 3-4 in. long, elliptic-oblong: peduncles bearing 2-5 flowers about 2 in. across; sepals and petals similar, yellow, oblong-lanceolate; lip nearly orbicular when spread out, yellow, the middle lobe crisped, whitish on margin, the side lobes sometimes streaked purple inside. Brazil.

Cattleya Trianae (X 1/5)

Fig. 843. Cattleya Trianae (X 1/5)

B.M. 5032. F.S. 23:2479.

19. Citrina, Lindl

(C. Karwinskii, Mart.). Fig. 844. Pseudobulbs 2-3 in. long, ovoid, 2-3-lvd.: leaves 4-7 in. long, ligulate, acute, glaucous: peduncle pendent, bearing usually a single fragrant flower, rarely 2 or 3 flowers, yellow except the white border of front lobe of Up; sepals oblong, acute, the petals cuneiform-oblong; lip longer than the petals. Mex. B.M. 3742. J.H. 111.30:399. Gn. 33, p. 535. CO. 6. F.S. 16:1689. Gt. 27:931. R.l:20. variety gigantea, Hort. Flowers large and intensely colored.

Cattleya citrina. (X 1/4)

Fig. 844. Cattleya citrina. (X 1/4)

20. Amethystoglossa, Lind. & Reichb. F

(C. guttata variety Prinzii, Reichb. C. Prinzii, Hort. C. guttata variety Keteleerii, Houl.). Pseudobulbs 1 1/2-3 ft., cylindric, 2-lvd.: leaves 6-12 in. long, elliptic-oblong: peduncles 5-8-flowered; flowers 3 1/2-4 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals white, suffused with rose-purple, spotted amethyst-purple, especially on the upper half, the dorsal sepal linear-oblong, the lateral falcate, the petals obovate, rounded at apex; lip much shorter than petals, the lateral lobes erect, purple at apex, the middle lobe broader than long, emarginate or 2-lobed, violet-purple, the radiating ridges papillose. Brazil. B.M.5683. R.H.1869: 210. G.G. III. 38:105. variety Sanderae, Hort. A creamy white form.

21. Bowringiana Veitch

(C. autumna-lis, Hort. C. Skinneri variety Bowringiana, Kranzl). Pseudobulbs 10-20 in. tall, stout, fusiform above, 2-lvd.: leaves 6-8 in. long, oblong: peduncle bearing 5-12 flowers 2 1/2-3 in. across; sepals, petals, and tube of the lip rose-purple, the sepals acute, oblong, somewhat undulate, the petals oval-oblong, obtuse, undulate; lip shorter than the lateral sepals, the front lobe emarginate, the throat with a large white spot, surrounded by a zone of bright maroon and bordered with deep purple. Honduras. R.B. 21:37. R.H. 1890:300. G.C. III. 39:114. A.F. 19:651; 34:804. C.O. 24. O.R. 12:361; 16:337. variety trhimphans, Hort. Flowers rich purple.

22. Skinned, Lindl

(Epidendrum Hugelianum, Reichb.). Flower of stem Sebastian. Pseudobulbs 5-10 in. tall, 2-lvd.: leaves 6-8 in. long, oblong-oval: peduncle bearing 5-10 flowers 3 1/2-5 in. across, rose-purple except the white throat of the lip, the sepals elliptic-lanceolate, acutish, the petals oval-oblong, broader than the sepals; lip with the front lobe acute. Guatemala to Costa Rica. B.M. 4270. P.M. 11:193. R.B. 22:201. G.C. III. 20:6. G.F. 3:201. C.O. 30. variety alba, Hort. Flowers white.

23. Victoria-Regina, O'Brien

Pseudobulbs 1-1 1/2 ft. tall, somewhat compressed and clavate, 1-2-lvd.: leaves 3-6 in. long, oblong or elliptic-oblong: peduncle bearing 2-5 flowers, rarely more, 5-6 in. across; sepals purple a little tinged with yellow, striated with darker purple, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse, the petals purple tinged with violet, obliquely striated with darker purple, elliptic-oblong, obtuse, undulate; lip distinctly 3-lobed, the lateral lobes exteriorly white or flushed with rose, violet-purple at the obtuse apex and inside, the front lobe reniform, bright rose-violet, crisped, the disk yellow streaked purple. Pernambuco. G.C. III. 11:808. O.R. 3:17; 8:361. R.2:85. C.O. 3. - Said to grow wild in company with C. labiata and C. Leopoldii variety pernambucensis, and considered by some a natural hybrid between the two. The variability of 1 or 2 leaves on a pseudobulb points in this direction.