32. Forbesii, Lindl

(C. vestalis, Hoffm.). Pseudobulbs 8-12 in. tall, cylindric, 2-lvd.: leaves 4-5 in. long, oblong: peduncle bearing 2-5 flowers 3-4 in. across; sepals and petals a pale yellowish green, obtuse, undulate, sepals oblong-ligulate, the petals oblong-lanceolate; Up distinctly 3-lobed, the tube pale yellow outside, inside a bright yellow streaked with red, the terminal lobe small, sessile, orbicular, undulate, pale yellow, with a bright yellow center marked with purple. S. Brazil. B.M. 3265. CO. 11. B.R. 953.

33. Walkeriana, Gardner

(C. bulbosa, Lindl. C. Gardneriana, Reichb. f. C. princeps, Rodr.). Pseudobulbs 2-5 in. tall, oval-fusiform, furrowed, 1-lvd.: leaves 2-5 in. long, oblong-elliptic: flowers 1-3, very fragrant, 3-5 in. across, on a scaly stem arising from the base of the pseudobulb; sepals and petals pale rose-lilac or a deep purple-rose, the sepals oblong-lanceolate, acute, the petals about twice as wide, oval-rhomboid, undulate; lip a little shorter than sepals, fleshy, 3-lobed, the lateral lobes rose, separated, exposing the column, the front lobe nearly orbicular, emarginate, crisped, violet-purple, the disk yellow, streaked with bright purple. Brazil. B.R. 33:42.

34. Nobflior, Reichb. F

(C. Walkeriana variety nobilior, Veitch). Pseudobulbs 3-5 in. tall, ovate-fusiform or nearly clavate, furrowed, 2-lvd.: leaves 2-4 in. long, elliptic-ovate: flowers 1 or 2, on a scaly stem arising from the base of the pseudobulb, very fragrant, 3-4 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals purple-lilac, acute, the sepals oblong, the petals ovate-rhomboid, about twice the width of the sepals; lip fleshy, about as long as lateral sepals, deeply 3-lobed, the tube the same color as the petals, the front lobe broadly reniform, emarginate, scarcely undulate, the disk yellow, many-costate. Brazil. G.C. II. 19:729. I.H. 30:485.

The following are some of the many hybrid forms: C. Adula= C. bicolor XC. Hardyana; C. Albertii=C. intermedia X C. violacea; C. atalanta=C Leopoldii X C. Warscewiczii gigas; C. Ballantiana= C. Trianae XC. Warscewiczii; C. blesensis=Laelio-cattleya; C. Brabdntiae=C. Aclandiae X C. Loddigesii; C. Brymeriana=supposed natural hybrid between C. violacea X C. Eldorado (C O. 1); C. Cas-sd»dra=Laelio-cattleya; C. Chamberlainiana=C. Leopoldii X C. Dowiana; C. Dietrichiana=C Schilleriana X C. Trianae; C. Dortnan-oana=Laelio-cattleya; C. Duchesnei=C. bicolor XC. Harrisoniana (R.B. 30:3); C. Dysseldorffii variety Undine=C. intermedia X C. Mos-siae alba (O.R. 18:369); C. exoniinsis=Laelio-ca,ttleya.;C.failata= Laelio-cattleya; C. Fowleri=C,. Leopoldii X C. Hardyana (C. O. 5); C. germania=C. granulosa X C. Hardyana; C. Hardyana=C Dowiana X C. Warscewiczii (CO. 2). O.R.4:241; 5:363;8:248; 11:336, 337); C. Harrisii=C. Leopoldii X C. Mendelii; C. Heldisiae=C. Forbesii XC. Mossiae; C. hybrida picta =C guttata X C. Loddigesii; C. interglassa=C. amethystoglossa XC. intermedia; C. Krameriana =C. Forbesii XC. intermedia; C. Louryana=C Forbesii XC. intermedia; C. Mdnglesii=C Loddigesii X C. Luddemanniana; C.Mdn-tinii=C. Bowringiana X C. Dowiana (CO. 7. O.R. 10:337); C. Mdrdellii=Laelio-cattleya; C. Marstersoniae=C labiata X C Loddigesii; C. Measuresise=C. Luddemanniana X C. velutina; C. Min-ucia=C. Loddigesii X C. Warscewiczii gigas; C. mollis=C Gaskel-lianaxC violacea; C. O'.Briem'dna=considered by some a natural hybrid between C Loddigesii X C dolosa (CO. 8); C. Puttiae=C. Dowiana X C Harrisoniana; C. Pittiana=C Dowiana XC. granulosa (CO. 28); C. Portia=C Bowringiana XC labiata; C. Thay-eriana=C. intermedia XC Schroederae (O.R. 12:49); C. weedon-iensis-C. granulosa X C Mendelii; C. Whitei=C. Schilleriana XC Warneri (B.M. 7727); C. Zenobia=Laelio-cattleya.

C. Abeliana, Hort. Flowers creamy yellow, speckled with purple on the lip. Peru. - C. Forgetiana, Rolfe. Somewhat resembling C Lawrenceana. Scape bearing 2 flowers; sepals and petals rose-purple. Brazil. - C. Grassii, Hort., variety pallida. A nearly white form; sepals slightly tinged with green; lip pale rose. - C. Hardyana, Hort., variety aurea. Lip deep yellow. - C. Jenmanii, Rolfe. Allied to C. Gaskelliana, but leaves broader and flowers smaller. British Guiana. -C. marginata, Paxt.=Lselia pumila. - C. velutina, Reichb. St8. slender, the fragrant flowers with the sepals and petals orange, spotted purple, the lip orange and white, veined violet. Brazil. G.C. III. 24:333. CO. 29a. George V. NA8H.