(Greek for spurred gland, alluding to the anther glands). Melastomdceae. Tropical herbs or sub-shrubs grown in warmhouses for their showy-colored leaves and pretty flowers.

Branches angled or winged: leaves petiolate, opposite,

Centradenias are very showy and desirable plants. The stems are often colored. They like rich leaf-mold with sharp sand, and brisk heat. Give a light but shady position. Strong plants are much benefited by liquid manure, and such applications give better colors in both flowers and fruit.


Endl. Branches 4-winged: leaves ovate-lanceolate, strongly 3-nerved, brilliant red beneath,, long-pointed and curving at the end: cymes many-fid., shorter than the leaves, the flowers light rose, rotate, the petals very obtuse, the stamens unequal. Mex. B. M. 5228. - The plant grows 2 ft. high, and blooms in winter. Very showy, and the species usually cultivated The cut branches-hold their color a long time, making the plant useful for decorations.


Don (C. rosea, Lindl.). Leaves ovate-lanceolate, unequal-sided, entire, ciliate, reddish beneath: flowers pink, in terminal corymbose racemes: dwarf. Mex. B.R. 29:20.


Klotzsch. Leaves ovate-acute, smooth and shining, pale beneath, 3-nerved: flowers pink in large terminal clusters. Cent. Amer.


Planch. Branches obscurely angled, pubescent, red: leaves narrow-lanceolate, tapering below, 3-nerved, red-nerved below: flowers pink, in terminal panicles. Mex. F.S. 5:453. l. h. B.†