(Greek kentron, spur, and pogon, beard, referring to the fringed stigma). Campanuldceae. Sub-shrubs or shrubs, often scandent, grown under glass.

Plants with alternate mostly dentate leaves, and axillary, long, tubular flowers which are violet, purple, red, or orange, and usually borne singly on long peduncles: corolla 2-lipped, the tube incurved: bra'cteoles very small or wanting. - More than 100 species in tropical Amer. Warmhouse perennials useful for hanging-baskets, prop, by cuttings which it is better to put under a bell-jar.

Lucyanus, Houll. Height 1-2 ft.: stem somewhat woody: leaves short-petioled, finely toothed: flowers rose, hemispherical, with lanceolate segments recurved at the tips. R.H. 1868:290. Native country unknown. - Described from a cult, specimen and said to be a hybrid of C. fastuosus and Siphocampylus betulaeformis, but seems to show little influence of the latter, which has longer petioles and peduncles, more coarsely toothed leaves, longer calyx-segments, and a yellow-tipped corolla.


Scheidw. Leaves peach-like, oblong, acute, bordered with glandular teeth, very glabrous, short-petioled: flowers rose-colored, winter; calyx hemispherical, with 5 lanceolate denticulate segments Mex. R.H. 1853: 181. Wilhelm Miller.