Lawsoniana, Parlatore (Cupressus Lawsoniana, Murr. C. Boursieri, Decne.)

Lawson's Cypress. Tree, to 200 ft., with horizontally spreading and usually pendulous branches: branchlets frond-like arranged, flattened: leaves closely appressed, obtuse or somewhat acute, usually bright green, with a gland on the back: staminate catkins bright red (yellow in all other species): cone globose, about 1/3in. across, red-brown and often glaucous. From Ore. to Calif. S.S. 10:531. Gng. 2:327. S.M. 2, p. 49. F.E. 23:309; 33:559. G.W. 10, p. 42. Beissner 541. G. 1:121; 7:129. - This is one of the most beautiful conifers and very variable, about 80 garden forms being cult, in European nurseries and collections. The following are some of the best: variety albo-spica, Beissn. Tips of branchlets creamy white, of slender habit. variety Alumii, Beissn. Of columnar habit, foliage very glaucous, with a bluish metallic hue. The best blue columnar form. variety argentea, Beissn. (Cupressus Lawsonidna argentea, Gord.). Of slender habit, with very glaucous, almost silvery foliage. variety erecta viridis, Beissn. Dense, columnar habit and bright green foliage. One of the most beautiful varieties, but somewhat tender.

G.W. 14, p. 601. M.D.G. 1909:45. G.M.51: 511. F. 1871, p. 92. variety erecta glauca, Beissn. Similar in habit, but with glaucous foliage. variety filiformis, Beissn. Branches elongated, somewhat pendulous, with few lateral branchlets, of low, globular habit. variety glauca, Beissn. Foliage of metallic glaucous tint. One of the hardier forms. G.M. 53:832. variety gracilis, Beissn. (variety gracilis pendula, Hort.). Elegant light green form, with graceful, pendulous branch-lets. variety inter-texta, Beissn. Glaucous form, of vigorous growth, with remote, pendulous branches and distant, thickish branchlets. Beissner 550. variety lutea, Beissn. Of compact habit, young growth clear yellow. G.C. III. 20:721. J.H.S. 1902, p. 426, fig. 110. variety nana, Beissn. (C. Boursieri nana, Carr.). Dwarf, globose habit (Beissner 553), with some variegated and glaucous forms. variety pendula, Beissn. With pendulous branches. Mn. 1:43. F.E. 27:187. Gt. 1890, p. 449. variety pyramidalis, P. Smith. Of columnar habit. variety pyramidalis alba, Beissn. Of columnar habit with the young growth colored white. R.B. 4:281. variety Weisseana, Hansen. Low dense form of umbrella-like habit with almost horizontally spreading branches and nodding tips.

M.D.G. 1890:245. S.M. 1, p. 214. variety Youngii, Beissn. Upright form of vigorous growth with thickish dark green branchlets. G. C. III. 1:176, 177.


Sieb. & Zucc. (Cupressus obtiisa, Koch. Retinospora obtusa, Sieb. & Zucc). Hinoki Cypress. Tree, to 120 ft., with horizontal branches: branchlets frond-like arranged, flattened, pendulous: leaves bright green and shining above, with whitish lines beneath, thickish, obtuse, and very closely appressed, with a gland on the back: cones globose, nearly 1/2in. diam., brown. Japan. S.Z. 121. G.C. II. 5:236. R.H. 1869, p. 97. Gn. W. 20, suppl. April 25. variety albo-spicata, Beissn. Tips of branchlets whitish. variety aurea, Beissn. (Retinospora obtusa aurea, Gord.) Golden yellow. Gt. 25:19. variety breviramea, Beissn. (C. breviramea, Maxim. Thuja obtusa variety breviramea, Mast.). Tree, of narrow pyramidal habit, with short branches: branch-lets crowded, glossy green on both sides. variety compacta, Beissn. Of dwarf and dense subglobose habit. Gn. M. 7:76. variety ericoides, Boehmer (Retinospora Sanderi, Sander. Juniperus Sanderi, Hort.). Of low subglobose habit with bluish gray linear spreading blunt leaves, marked with a green line above.

G.C. III. 33:266;

36, suppl. April 25. M.D.G. 1900:589; 1903:291, R.H. 1903, p. 399. Beissner, 556. variety filicoides. Beissn. Of slow growth with short and densely frondlike arranged branchlets. G.C. II. 5:235. variety filiformis, Beissn. (C. pendula, Maxim. Thuja obtusa pendula, Mast., not C. obtusa pendula, Beissn.). Branches elongated, thick and thread-like, pendulous, with few distant branchlets. variety gracilis aurea, Beissn. Graceful form, foliage bright yellow when young, changing later to greenish yellow. variety lycopodioldes, Carr. Low form, of somewhat irregular habit, with spreading, rigid branches and thick, nearly quadrangular, dark green branchlets. variety nana, Carr. Low form, of slow growth, with short, deep green branchlets. R.H. 1882:102. variety pygmaea, Carr. (C. obtusa breviramea, Hort., not Beissn.). Very dwarf form, with horizontal, almost creeping branches, densely frondlike branched. Exceedingly interesting form for rockeries. R.H. 1889, p. 376. variety formosana, Hayata. Differs in its smaller and finer foliage, and much smaller cones.

Formosa. J.C.T. 25, 19, p. 209.


Sieb. & Zucc. (Cupressus pisifera, Koch. Retinospora pisifera, Sieb. & Zucc). Sawara Cypress. Fig. 891. Tree, to 100 ft., with horizontal branches: branchlets flattened, distichously arranged and somewhat pendulous: leaves ovate-lanceolate, pointed, shining above, with whitish fines beneath: cones globular, 1/4-1/3in. diam., brown. S.Z. 122. G.C. II. 5:237. C.L.A. 11:311. - This is, next to C. thyoides the hardiest species, and some varieties are much cultivated, while the type is less planted. variety aurea, Carr. Yellow foliage. G.W. 1, p. 303. variety filifera, Beissn. (Retinds-pora filifera, Standish. C. obtusa filifera, Hort.). Branches elongated and slender, threadlike, gracefully pendulous, with distant branchlets and leaves Very decorative form. G.C. II. 5:237. G.W. 1, p. 301;

Fig. 891. Chamaecyparis pisifera.

Chamaecyparis pisifera variety squarrosa.

5, p. 17. Beissner 571, 572. variety plumosa, Beissn. (Retinospora plumosa, Veitch). Fig. 892. Of dense, conical habit: branches almost erect, with slender branchlets of feathery appearance: leaves subulate, pointed and slightly spreading, bright green. Intermediate between the type and variety squarrosa. G.C. 11.5:236. Gn. M. 2:27. Beissner 569. variety plumosa

Chamaecyparis pisifera variety plumosa.

Fig. 892. Chamaecyparis pisifera variety plumosa.


Beissn. Tips of branchlets whitish. variety plumosa aurea, Beissn. (Retinospora plumosa aurea, Standish). Young growth of golden yellow color. A very showy form. variety squarrosa, Beissn. & Hochst. (Retinospora squarrosa, Sieb. & Zucc. R. leptoclada, Zucc). Fig. 893. Densely branched, bushy tree or shrub, with spreading, feathery branchlets: leaves linear, spreading, glaucous above, silvery below. A very distinct and beautiful variety. S.Z. 123. R.H. 1869, p. 95, and 1880, p. 37. Beissner 567. M.D.G. 1909:44. R.B. 2:189.

Chamaecyparis pisifera.

Fig. 893. Chamaecyparis pisifera variety squarrosa.

C. formosensis, Matsum. (Cupressus formosensis, Henry). Allied to C. pisifera. Tree, to nearly 200 ft. and 20 ft. diam.: branchlets dull green on both surfaces or slightly bloomy below: leaves acute, ovate: cones ovoid, 1/3in. across, with 10 or 11 scales. Formosa. G.C. III. 51:132, 133. - Recently introduced into England, but probably tender. Alfred Rehder.