(dwarf or ground lily, a Greek combination). Liliacese. Sometimes spelled Chamaelirion. Rhizomatous whitish flowered hardy plant, sometimes planted in the herbary.

Erect, tall unbranched herb 2-4 ft. high (or perhaps 2 species), inhabiting low grounds from Mass. to Fla. and W.: rootstock tuberous: dioecious, the sterile plant less leafy than the other: leaves radical and cauline, the lowermost spatulate, the upper lanceolate, narrowed at the base: flowers small ( 1/4in. across), in a slender terminal raceme; segments of perianth 6, white, narrow, 1-nerved, withering and persistent; sterile flowers with 6 stamens, and fertile flowers with rudiments of stamens; ovary 3-celled and 3-styled: fruit a 3-valved caps. luteuro Gray (C. carolinianum, Willd. Charmaelirion carolinia, Hort.). Blazing-Star. Devil's-Bit. Variable as to height (6 in. to 3 ft. or more), with most of the leaves at the base: raceme spike-like, 4-12 in. long; flowers yellowish white, in effect, fruiting pedicels 1/5in- or less long. - A good perennial, blooming May-July, thriving in moist shady places. - C. obovate, Small, by some considered not to be distinct, has larger flowers and fruiting pedicels 1/2in. or more long.

L. H. B.