(the goddess of flowers). Gra-minex. Finger-Grass. Annual or usually perennial grasses, sometimes grown for decoration.

Plants with flat blades, compressed sheaths and digitate unilateral spikes: spikelets with 1 perfect flower and 1 or more rudimentary sterile lemmas on the prolonged rachilla. - Species about 40, in the warmer regions of the world. A few are cult, for ornament on account of the attractive infloresence Of simple treatment.


HBK. Fig. 923. Annual, 1-3 ft.: uppermost sheaths usually inflated around the base of the infloresence; spikes 6-12, pale or dark, 1-3 in. long; lemma fusiform, 1 line long, short-pilose at base and along the lower half of the keel, long-pilose on the margins near the apex, the awn about 5 fines long; rudiment cuneate, twice as long as broad, the single awn somewhat shorter than the awn of the perfect floret. Mex. Dept. Agric, Div. Agrost., 7:192; 20:102.

Clitoris elegans. (X 1/3)

Fig. 923. Clitoris elegans. (X 1/3)

Chloris poly dactyla. (X 1/3)

Fig. 924. Chloris poly-dactyla. (X 1/3) Wider than the inner. Mex. - Perhaps a form of the above. L. H. B.


Swartz (C. barbata, Nash). Fig. 924. Perennial, 1-3 ft.: spikes several; awns 2-3 fines; rudiment triangular-truncate, the 2 awns about as long as the awn of the perfect floret. Tropics of both hemispheres.


Nutt. Windmill-Grass. Perennial, 4-15 in.: spikes several, slender, in 1-3 whorls, 2-4 in. long; awns 2-3 lines; lemma 1 line long, nearly glabrous; rudiment oblong-truncate, 1-awned. Dept. Agric, Div. Agrost. 7:191. Kan. to Texas.


Swartz. Perennial, 2-3 ft.: spikes several, about 3 in. long; spikelets slender; lemma slightly cili-ate on callus and near apex, the awn 6 lines long; rudiment narrow, acute, the single awn about half as long as the awn of the perfect floret. W. Indies.


Kunth. Rhodes-Grass. Robust perennial, with abundant foliage and terminal umbels of 6-15 spikes. - An African species at present under experimentation in U. S. in dry regions. Cult, in Austral. (See Agr. Gaz. New S. Wales 19:19, 118, 389 [1908]).


R. Br. (C. barbata vera, Host., not C. barbata, Swartz or Nash). Star-Grass. A stoloniferous perennial, with erect culms 1-3 ft.: spikes 6-10, 3-6 in., becoming horizontal or reflexed; spikelets 1 1/2 lines, dark at maturity, the awns 3-6 lines long. Austral. Turner, Austr. Grasses 1:17. - Cult, for ornament.

C. grdcilis, Dur.=Leptochloa virgata, Beauv. This has been recommended as an ornamental. - C. petraea, Swartz, and C. glaiica, Vasey, both handsome species from Fla., have been recommended for cult, as ornamentals. A S Hltchcock