(Greek for melting, in allusion to the pollen-masses). Orchidaceae. Orchids, pendulous from trees; grown in hothouses.

Stems fusiform, leafy, thickening after the leaves drop: flowers fleshy, in short racemes, which are produced freely in the axils of the young growths; dorsal sepal and petals similar in shape, the lateral sepals with the foot of the column forming a long foot;lip jointed to the column foot, lamellate longitudinally, the lateral lobes upright, loosely surrounding the column; pollinia 8. - About 6 species in tropical Amer. Cult, as for Vanda, in baskets, pans or pots. They require tropical temperature when growing, then cooler.

a. Ground-color of flowers yellow.


Lindl. Flowers 5-8, about 2 in. across; sepals and petals yellow, oblong-oval; lateral lobes of lip yellow, the middle lobe white, downy, spotted with red and yellow. S. Amer. B.R. 1937. B.M. 3617.


Lindl. Flowers 8-12, about 2 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals yellow, tinted above with lines of purple-carmine; sepals oblong, the dorsal one inflexed, the lateral falcate; lip yellow, marked with red. Mex.

Chelsonii, Hort. Flowers 5-7, about 2 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals yellow, with a large blotch of reddish fawn at the apex; lip yellow spotted with red. Hybrid: C. bractescens x C. laevis. F.M. 1878:297.

aa. Ground-color of flowers white.


Lindl. Fig. 960. Flowers 3-5, about 3 in. across; sepals and petals ivory-white; lip with the lateral lobes white outside, the inner surface yellow, streaked red, the middle lobe yellow, streaked and stained with red. Mex. B.M. 5186. R.H. 1859, pp. 294, 295. I.H. 27:398. O.R. 9:371; 13:236; 19:201. J.H. III. 28:263. CO. 1. A.F. 28:747.

Limminghei, Lindl. & Reichb. Flowers 4-7, 1 1/2-2 in. across; sepals and petals white, with an apical blotch of purple; lip with lateral lobes yellow, marked with reddish purple on the inside, the middle lobe white, streaked with bright purple. Mex. B.M. 5265. I.H. 7:240. CO. 3.

Sedenii, Hort. Flowers 3-6; sepals white; petals white with an apical rose-purple blotch; lip with the side lobes sulfur-yellow, purple-streaked within, the middle lobe white, streaked with amethyst. Hybrid: C. Limminghei x C. bractescens. George V. Nash.†

Chysis bractescens. ( X 1/5)

Fig. 960. Chysis bractescens. ( X 1/5)