50. Serratifdlia, Rehd

(C. koreana, Hort., not Komarov). Shrubby climber: leaves biternate, bright green, glabrous; leaflets ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, acuminate, inequally serrate, 1-2 1/2 in. long: flowers 1-3, axillary, long-stalked, yellow, nodding, 2 in. across; sepals glabrous, except at the margin: achenes with long plumose tails. Aug., Sept. Korea. - Handsome and quite hardy. The true C. koreana belongs to the Atragene group and has petaloid staminodes.

C. acutangula, Hook. f. & Thorns. Allied to C. lasiandra. stems deeply grooved: leaves bipinnate, with ovate or ovate-lanceolate crenate leaflets: flowers axillary, brownish yellow, with the sepals winged on the back. Sept., Oct. Himalayas. Not hardy N. - C. Addisonii, Brit. Allied to C. Viorna. Upright herb; glabrous: lower leaves simple, upper pinnate: flowers purplish. May, June. Va. and N. C. G.F. 9:325. - C. angustifolia, Jacq. Allied to C. recta. Leaves pinnate with simple or 3-parted linear leaflets: flowers solitary or in 3's with 4-8 sepals. S. Eu. R.F.G. 4:62 (4665). - C. aristata, R. Br. Allied to C. indivisa. Evergreen: leaves ternate, with ovate to ovate-lanceolate, cordate leaflets: flowers dioecious, white, in few-fid. axillary corymbs, 2 in. across, fragrant. Austral. B.R. 3:238 and L.B.C. 7:620 (pistillate plant). G.C. III. 32:55 (staminate plant). variety Dennisae, Guilf. (C. Sanderi, Wats.). Flowers with salmon-red filaments. B.M. 8367. Tender. - C. barbellata, Edgew. Allied to C. montana. leaflets ovate-lanceolate, toothed: flowers solitary, large, dull purple: achenes glabrous.

Himalaya. R.H. 1858, p. 407. B.M. 4794. F.S. 9:956. - -C. Benthamiana, Hemsl. (C. terni-flora, Benth. not DC.). Allied to C. Meyeniana and C. chinensis. leaflets 5, broadly ovate, subcordate, sparingly pubescent, 1 1/2-2 in. long: flowers in axillary and terminal panicles, white, 1/2in. across. China. - Of no particular ornamental value. - C brachiata, Thunb. Climbing; pubescent: leaves bipinnate or the upper pinnate; leaflets ovate, coarsely toothed: flowers greenish white, in axillary' panicles, fragrant, 1-1 1/2 in. across; sepals spreading obtuse; filaments hairy at the base. S. Africa B.R. 2:97. G.C. III. 30:367. Tender. - C. brachyura, Maxim. Similar to C. recta. Herbaceous, upright: leaves pinnate with 3-5 ovate, 3-nerved leaflets: flowers axillary, solitary, white; sepals glabrous except at the margin: achenes few with short pubescent style. Korea. - C. Buchananiana, DC. Allied to C. nutans. Large climber, hairy: leaves pinnate; leaflets broadly ovate, serrate or lobed: flowers in panicles, tubular; sepals ribbed. Himalaya. See also C. nutans variety thyrsoidea. - C. chinensis, Retz. Allied to C. Meyeniana. leaflets 5, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, nearly glabrous, 3/4- 1 1/2 in. long: flowers in axillary and terminal panicles. China. - C. chrysocoma, Franch. Allied to C. montana.

Upright shrub: leaflets obovate with few coarse teeth, 3/4-l 3/4 in. long, yellowish silky-pubescent beneath: flowers axillary, 1-3, 2 in. across; sepals white with pink margin. China. B.M. 8395. - C. connata, DC. Allied to C. nutans. Large climber; glabrous: leaflets 3-7, broadly ovate, slightly pubescent or nearly glabrous, cordate at base, coarsely serrate, often 3-lobed, 2-4 in. long: flowers 3/4-l in. long, in many-fid. panicles. Himalayas. G.F. 4:235. - C. Delavayi, Franch. Allied to C. recta. Upright shrub: leaves pinnate; leaflets 9-11, ovate, entire, silvery white beneath, 1/3-1/2in. long: flowers white, slender-stalked, 3-5, terminal, about 1 in. across. W. China. Very distinct, but apparently not hardy N. - C. Gebleriana, Bong.=C. songarica variety Gebleriana. - C. Gouriana, Roxbg. Allied to C. grata. Tall climber; usually glabrous: leaves pinnate or bipinnate; leaflets ovate-oblong, glabrous above, pubescent or sometimes glabrous beneath: flowers 1/3-1/2in- across, white, in large panicles. Himalayas. S. Asia., Philippine Isls. Wight, Icon. 933-4. - C. grewiseflora, DC. Allied to C. nutans. Tall woody climber; densely tomentose: leaflets 3-5, broadly ovate, cordate, serrate, usually deeply 5-lobed, 3-4 in. long: flowers 1 1/2 in. long, tubular-campanulate, tawny yellow.

Himalayas. B.M. 6369. - Very distinct, but only for warmer regions. - C. hexapetala, Forst. (C. hexasepala, DC). Allied to C. indivisa. Leaves ternate; leaflets coarsely dentate or lobed: flowers dioecious, in axillary cymes, greenish white, fragrant, 1 in. across. New Zeal. B.R. 32:44. - C. koreana, Komarov. Allied to C. alpina. Leaves ternate or biternate; leaflets ovate, cordate, coarsely toothed: flowers yellow or violet; sepals about 1 in. long; staminode, spatulate, narrow. Korea. Act. Hort. Petrop. 22:6. - C. macropetala, Ledeb. Allied to C. alpina. Leaves ternate or biternate; leaflets coarsely serrate or nearly entire: flowers large, violet; petaloid staminodes lanceolate, little shorter than sepals. N. China. Gt. 19:651. - C. mendocina, Phil. Allied to C. ligusticifolia. Lower leaflets 3-parted or 3-lobed, segments lanceolate: flowers monoecious, white, in panicles; sepals sparingly hairy inside: tails of achenes very long. Sept., Oct. Chile. Tender. - C. Pierotii, Miq. Allied to C. brevicaudata. Slender climber: leaves biternate; leaflets ovate-oblong, coarsely serrate, 1 1/2-2)4 in. long: flowers white, 3/4in. across, solitary, or in 3-flowered, rarely many-fid. cymes: achenes glabrous, with rather short plumose tails.

Aug. Japan. - C. quinquefoliolata, Hutchinson (C. Meyeniana variety heterophylla, Gagnep.). Allied to C. Meyeniana. leaflets 5, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, about 3 in. long: cymes few-flowered, shorter than the leaves: tails of fruit fulvous. Cent. China. V.F. 3. - C. Sanderi, Wats.=C. aristata variety Dennisae. - C. smilacifdlia, Wall. Tall woody climber: leaves simple, ovate usually cordate, entire, 3-10 in. long, rarely ternate: flowers 1-1 1/2 in. across, brownish tomentose outside, purple inside, in axillary panicles: achenes with long feathery tail. B.M. 4259. F.S. 2, pt. 12:3. G.C. III. 30:466. -C. songarica, Bunge. Allied to C. recta. Shrubby, upright: leaves simple, thickish, grayish green, usually lanceolate, entire or sparingly serrate: flowers yellowish white, in terminal and axillary cymes; sepals glabrous inside. Turkestan, Mongolia. variety Gebleriana, Kuntze (C. Gebleriana, Bong.). Leaves thinner, more serrate, green. . - C. Suksdorfii, Robins. Allied to C. ligusticifolia. leaflets 5, ovate, to ovate-oblong, 1-1 1/2 in. long: flowers in axillary racemes or panicles, white, 1 in. across; sepals reflexed: achenes few.

Brit. Col. G.F. 9:255. - C. Thunbergii, Steud. Climbing, pubescent or glabrous: leaves pinnate with ovate to lanceolate, often 3-lobed or 3-parted leaflets: flowers in axillary panicles; sepals spreading, lanceolate; filaments hairy at the base. S. Africa G.C. III. 50:253.

K. C. Davis. Alfred Rehder.†Clematis, Mock: Agdestis clematidea.