Section Viorna - Group Crispae

1. Integrifolia, Linn

Herbaceous, erect, becoming 2 ft. high: leaves rather broad, entire, ovate-lanceolate: flowers solitary, nodding; sepals 4, rather narrow, blue, coriaceous, 1-2 in. long. June-Aug. Eu. and Asia. B.M. 65.

The following are supposed to be hybrids of this species: C. cylindrica, Sims (X C. crispa. C. integrifolia variety diversifolia, Hort. C. integrifolia variety pinnata, Hort.). Leaves more or less irregularly lobed or pinnate: flowers solitary, cylindric-campanulate with the sepals more or less recurved from the middle, blue or bluish-violet. B.M.

1160. Lav. 13. G.W. 14, pp. 562-3. R.H. 1856:341. Here also belongs probably C. divaricata, Jacq., with short-petioled pinnate leaves and blue, less spreading sepals.

2. Fremontii, Wats

Fig. 981. Closely allied to C ochroleuca, but with leaves 3-4 in. long, nearly sessile, either entire or with a few coarse teeth: flowers often drooping; sepals thick, purple, nearly glabrous, except the tomentose edges; styles when young downy rather than feathery. July, Aug. Mo. to Colo. G.F. 3:381 (adapted in Fig. 981). G.W. 14, p. 563.

Clematis Fremontii. (X 1/3)

Fig. 981. Clematis Fremontii. (X 1/3)

3. Ochroleuca, Ait

Herbaceous, 1-2 ft. high, silky-pubescent, becoming glabrate: leaves ovate, entire: flowers erect, solitary, terminal; sepals yellow outside, cream-colored within; styles becoming somewhat plumose. July, Aug. Dry grounds, N. Y. to Ga. L.B.C. 7:661. -introduced 1883.

4. Douglasii, Hook

Has habit of C. integrifolia, about 2 ft. high: stem and petioles angled and ribbed: leaves twice pinnately or ternately compound; leaflets narrow-linear or lanceolate: flowers tubular or bell-shaped, 1 in. long; sepals recurved, deep purple within, paler without. June. In mts., Mont, to New Mex. - introduced 1881. variety Scottii, Coulter, has the leaflets ovate- or oblong-lanceolate. A hybrid of C. Douglasii variety Scottii x C. texensis is C. globulosa, Hort., with deep purple pitcher-shaped flowers Gn. 75, p. 472.

5. Aromatica, Lenne & C

Koch (C. caerulea variety odordta, Hort.). Slender, herbaceous or somewhat climbing, reaching 6 ft. high if supported: leaves of 3-7 ovate, nearly entire leaflets: flowers solitary, terminal, very fragrant, l 1/2-2 in. across; sepals 4, spreading, reflexed, reddish violet; stamens white. July-Sept. Nativity, perhaps S. France. It is thought by some to be an old garden hybrid, probably C. Flammula x C. integrifolia. R.H. 1877, p. 15. Lav. 9.

6. Crispa, Linn

A slender climber, reaching 3-4 ft.: leaves very thin; leaflets 3-5 or more, variable in outline and sometimes undivided, often 3-5-lobed: flowers purple, varying to whitish, cylindrical or bell-shaped, 1-2 in. long; points of sepals recurved; styles of fruit hairy but not plumose. June-Sept. Va. to Texas. B.R. 32:60. B.M. 1892. I.H. 2:78 (as C. campaniflora). G. 30:503; 34:147. V. 6:379. Lav. 14. - This and the allied species are fragrant. A hybrid of this species is C. cylindrica, Sims (x C. integrifolia). See No. 1. A number of hybrid forms, the offspring of a cross between this species and C. texensis are figured and described in M.D.G. 1898:500 and one as "blue bells" in Gn. 49, p. 189.

7. Simsii, Sweet (C. Pitcheri, Torr. & Gray)

High climbing: branchlets pubescent: leaves of 3-4 pairs of leaflets and a terminal 1ft. reduced almost to a midrib; leaflets coarsely reticulated, lobed or 3-parted, usually mucronate: flowers 1 in. long and 3/4in. diam., with swollen base; sepals dull purple, recurved at the tips: achenes pubescent, styles not plumose. June-Aug. S. Ind. to Mo., southward to Mex. Lav. 15. B.M. 1816 (as C. cordata). variety Sargentii, Rehd. (C. Sargentii, Lav.). Flowers smaller, paler: leaflets rarely lobed. Lav. 18. - A hybrid of this species with C. texensis is figured in R.H. 1893:376.

8. Reticulata, Walt

A slender climber, allied to C. crispa: leaflets much reticulated and very coriaceous: flowers solitary in the axils of the leaves, nodding, bell-shaped; sepals recurved, crispy at the margin: mature fruit with plumose tails. June, July. S. C. to Ala. and Fla. B.M. 6574. Lav. 16.

9. Viorna, Linn

Fig. 982. Climbing, 8-10 ft., sparingly pubescent or glabrous: leaves not glaucous nor coriaceous; leaflets subcordate-ovate to ovate-lanceolate, slightly reticulated: flowers solitary, on long peduncles, pitcher-shaped; sepals 4, 1 in. long, variable in color, often dull purple, thick and leathery, finely pubescent outside, tips often recurved; styles plumose when mature, 1 in. long. June-Aug. Pa. to Ala. and westward. Lav. 17. Gn. 45, p. 240.

Clematis Viorna. (X 1/3)

Fig. 982. Clematis Viorna. (X 1/3)