(after Andrew Cleyer, Dutch physician of the seventeenth century). Ternstrozmeaceae. Greenhouse evergreen shrubs distinguished by the petals free or scarcely coalesced, the pilose anthers, numerous ovules, and scarcely bracted flowers: sepals 5, with 2 bractlets; petals 5; stigmas 2-3: berries 2-3-celled. - About 9 species.


DC. (C. japanica, Sieb. & Zucc). Height about 6 ft.: leaves oval-oblong, acute at both ends, veined above, entire. Himalayas. - A tender shrub rarely cult, in northern greenhouses. In the S. it is cult, outdoors. It has glossy foliage, numerous creamy white, fragrant flowers, borne in June, and red berries, which last all winter. - C. japanica was distinguished by DeCandolle by its oblong-lanceolate leaves, which are veinless, and minutely serrate at the apex. variety tricolor, Hort., has dark green leaves, with grayish markings, and a margin of white and rose, the variegation being more brilliant in younger leaves

Wilhelm Miller.