A. leaflets 5. Ternatea, Linn. (C. caerulea, Hort. Ternatea vulgaris, HBK.). leaflets 5, oblong, obtuse, short-petioled: flowers 1 in. or more long, rich blue, with beautiful markings, especially on the standard. B.M. 1542. Gn. 38:132. P.M. 7:147 and 13:79. - Name from Ternate, one of the Molucca Isls. and not from ternate, meaning 3-leafleted.

Hardy in Cent. Fla., where it is usually a biennial. C. alba, Hort., is a white form. More or less double forms have been known for over a century.

aa. leaflets 3.


Linn. Hardy perennial, smooth, erect, or slightly twining, 1-3 ft. high: leaflets 3, obovate or ovate-lanceolate: flowers light blue, 2 in. long, on short peduncles: pod straight, few-seeded. Summer. Dry banks, N. Y. to Fla. and west to Mo. Also India and Burma. - Rarely sold by dealers in native plants.


Ait. stem shrubby, the rusty colored branches twining: leaves trifoliolate, the leaflets elliptical or oval: flowers racemose, showy, purple, the standard more than 2 in. long. tropical Amer. B.M. 3165. - An excellent warmhouse climber, grown chiefly in botanic gardens. Wilhelm Miller.

N. Taylor.†