(after Father Cobo, Spanish Jesuit of the seventeenth century, naturalist, and resident of America for many years). Syn. Rosenbergia. Sometimes incorrectly spelled Cobcea. Polemoniaceae. Attractive climbers, one or two species commonly grown in the open and under glass for the large bell-shaped flowers.

Shrubby plants climbing by leaf - tendrils, but known in cult, as herbs: leaves alternate, pinnate: calyx large, 5-parted; corolla bell-shaped, the limb 5-lobed: caps. 3-valved, angled: flowers solitary on long peduncles, bracted at the base. - A genus of about 10 tropical American climbers (monographed by Brand in Engler's Pflanzenreich, lift. 27, 1907), of which C scandens, a tender perennial plant, is amongst the dozen most popular vines commonly treated as annuals. This is the only genus of climbers in the order. Prop, by seeds which should be placed in moist earth, edge down. It is a rapid grower.


Cav. (Rosenbergia scandens, House). Figs. 1006-1008. Height 10-20 ft.: leaflets in 2 or 3 pairs, the lowest close to the stem, and more or less eared: flowers bell-shaped, 1-1 1/2in- across, light violet or greenish purple, with protruding style and stamens: tendrils branched. Mex. B.M. 851. F.S. 14:1467. - There is a white-flowered form (C. alba, Hort.), and one with variegated leaves, variety variegata, Hort. - The terminal 1ft. is represented by a tendril (Fig. 1007). Sometimes there are indications of tendrils on other leaflets (Fig. 1008), making the plant an interesting one for students of morphology.

Cobaa scandens. (X 1/3)

Fig. 1006. Cobaa scandens. (X 1/3)


Benth. (Rosenbergia stipularis, House). Resembles the preceding species but the sepals ovate, tapering to a broadly acuminate apex (the sepals of C. scandens being broadly ovate or suborbicular). Mex.

Normal leaf of Cobaea scandens.

Fig. 1007. Normal leaf of Cobaea scandens.

Monstrous or abnormal leaf of Cobaea.

Fig. 1008. Monstrous or abnormal leaf of Cobaea.

macrostoma, Pav. (Sometimes erroneously written macrostema and macrostemma.) stems climbing 6-10 ft.: leaves alternate, of 3 pairs of obovate leaflets: flowers solitary, on a 2-lvd. long peduncle, the petals yellow-green; stamens at least 1 1/2 in. longer than the corolla. Guatemala. B.M. 3780.

C. minor. Marten &. Galleotti. A small vine of which little is known, but cult, in Amer. in botanic gardens and fanciers' collections. It has small flowers, borne on stalks shorter than the leaves Mex. - C. Pringlei, House (Rosenbergia Pringlei, House). A glabrous, high-twining vine: leaflets 6, the basal pair oblong-lanceolate, hastately clasping: peduncles 4-5 in. long; calyx-lobes green, herbaceous, scarcely 1 in. long and half as broad; corolla pure white, 2 in. long; stamens exserted less than 1/2in. Mex.

Wilhelm Miller.