Andreanum. Yellow to red veins, 2 1/2 x 9. I.H. 22:201. A.F. 23:241. Gng. 13:81. R.H. 1876, p. 234.

Codiaeum interruptum. (An example of form appendiculatum.)

Fig. 1018. Codiaeum interruptum. (An example of form appendiculatum.)

Angustissimum (Angustifolium). Yellow margin and ribs, 1/4 x l5. G.C. 1871:612.

Anietumense. Yellow midrib and cross veins, 1 X 11.

Aucubaefolium. Yellow, red-blotched, 2 1/2 X 8. I.H. 19, p. 327.

Aureo-maculatum. Yellow-spotted, 1 1/2 X 3 1/2Aureum. Yellow-marked.

Baron Adolph Seilliere. Leaves large, veins pale yellow, soon white.

Baronne James de Rothschild (Baron Rothschild, etc., Baron A. de Rothschild (?) ). Fig. 1016. Yellow, red veins, etc., 2 1/2 x 7. A.F. 23:242. R.H. 1879:450; 1898:180. F.E. 18:379. I.H. 26:365.

Barryi. Yellow, changing to white, midrib, veins and dots, 2x7.

B. Compte. Large, yellow, red blotches, 2 1/2 X 7.

Beauty. Yellow to pink center, margin and mottling, ovate, 2x6.

Bergmanii. Cream-yellow with green blotches. I.H. 27:389.

Broomfieldii. Various yellow marks, midrib red-tinted, 2 X 10.

Burtonii. Yellow mottled, lanceolate, 3 X15.

Carrierei. Margin, midrib, dots and some veins yellow, oblong, l 1/2X ll. I.H. 27, p. 90, desc.

Caudatum tortile. Yellow variegated with some red, long, narrow, spiral leaves R.B. 35:240. Gn. 11, p. 83. Gt. 33:9.

Challenger (Challengerii?, Imperator?). Midribs creamy white changing to red.

Chelsonii. Yellow, red midrib and mottling, 1/3 X10. A.F. 16:255. Gng. 9:19.

Chrysophyllum (perhaps two vars. under this name). Irregular, large, yellow, red blotch, 2 X 12.

Compte de Germiny. Leaves broad.

Cooperi. Yellow, red center and spots, 3/4 X10. Gn. 10, p. 139.

Cornutum. Yellow midrib and dots, often wavy, spiral or even lobed, 3/4 X 4 I.H. 19, p. 188.

Countess (Countess Superba?). Yellow spotted, tapering, 2/3 X l4.

Cronstadtii. Yellow variegated, tapering, spiral, 2/3in. wide. A.F. 16:255; 23:275. Gt. 31:309.

Crown Prince. Yellow veins, 2 X16.

Czar Alexander III. See Le Tzar.

Davisii. White midrib and variegation, 3/4 X12.

Dayspring. Yellow, red-mottled, margin green, ovate, 1 1/2 X 8.

Delight. Yellow changing to white, with green margin, lanceolate, 2x8.

Disraeli. Fig. 1017. Variously lobed, yellow, red veins and spots, 3x12. Gn. 10, p. 141. F.M. 1876:207.

Dodgsonae. Yellow midrib, margin and spots, often spiral, excur-rent midrib often foliacious, 2/3 X 12.

Dormannianum. Leaves small, bronze-red and yellow.

Earl of Derby. See Lord Derby.


Edmontonense. Leaves narrow, brilliantly colored.

Elegans (Parvifolium, see Interruptum). Yellow, red midrib and margin, 1/2 X 6.

Elegantissimum. Yellow center and dots, petiole red, rarely with apical seta, 1/2 X 14. I.H. 29:469.

Elvira. Yellow center and variegation, sometimes with apical seta and twisted, 1/3 X 10.

Elysian. Yellow midrib and dots, 2/3 X14, twisted.

Evansianum. Yellow, red-veined and mottled, 3-lobed. Gn. W. 4:409.


Excurrens. Greenish yellow variegated, oblong, midrib projecting.



Fasciatum. Yellow veins, broad ovate. A.F. 23:241.

Flambeau. Medium width, lanceolate.

Flamingo. Irregular yellow central stripe, 1 1/2 X 8.

Gloriosum (Prince of Wales). Leaves long-narrow, variously yellow-marked, sometimes spiral and appendaged. Gng. 9:19. Gn. 14, p. 643. A.F. 16, p. 255.

Golden Ring

Goldiei. Yellow veins, 3-lobed, 3 X 10.

Grande. Yellow veins and spots.

Grayii. Resembling Majesticum.

Hanburyanum. Yellow, rose marks and blotches, 2 1/2 X 15. ung. 7:324.

Harwoodianum (Triumphans Harwoodianum). Yellow, crimson midrib. .

Hawkerii. Light yellow, green margins and tips, broad-lanceolate, 6 in. long. J.H. III. 61:129. G.Z. 23, p. 265.

Henryanum. Yellow-mottled, ovate, 3x9.

Hermon. Yellow midrib and spots, 1/3 X 10.

Hilleanum. Purplish green, crimson marks, oblong or spatulate, 3x9. I.H. 19, p 326.

Hookerianum (Hookeri). Irregular yellow center and blotches, broad lance-ovate. G.C. 1871:1067. Gn. 3, p. 45. I.H. [19, p. 40. G. 7:137. F. 1871, p. 199.

Illustre. Yellow markings, 3-lobed, midrib excurrent. G.Z. 28:2.

Imperator. See Challenger.

Inimitabilis. Yellow, red midrib and veins all dark red, 1x6.

Insigne. Yellow midrib and veins, margin red, narrow-oblong.

Interruptum. Fig. 1018. Yellow, red midrib, 3/4 X 12. Sometimes distorted or spiral, midrib excurrent. I.H. 19, p.170. F. 1872. p. 209 A.F. 16:1510. Journ. Bot. 19:220.

Invicta. Lemon-color, broad If.

Irregulare. leaf form irregular, often contracted below middle, midrib and spots yellow. I.H. 19, p. 135.

Jamesii. Irregular yellow blotch changing to white, 3 X 10.

Johannis (Taeniosum). Center and margin yellow: leaves long, narrow. F. 1872, p. 161. Gng. 9:19. I.H. 19, p. 169. F.S. 19, p. 12. Gt. 34:24. A.F. 13:1070.

Katonii (Maculatum Katonii). Leaves partly trilobed, yellow-epotted. F. 1879. p. 27.

Lady Zetland. Yellow, red margin, midrib and veins, 3/4X 11.

Laingii. leaf base yellow, remainder green to dark red, spiral, midrib excurrent or appendaged.

Le Tzar. leaf broad, veins and most of leaf yellow, red. I.H. 35:70.

Lord Derby (Earl of Derby?). Trilobed, base and center yellow, red, 1/2-4 X 8

MacFarlanei. Yellow, red-blotched, 1 X 12.

Maculatum Katonii. See Katonii.

Madam Seilliere. Leaves lanceolate, spirally twisted, variegated. A.F. 13:1068.

Magnolifolium. A few yellow spots and veins, 3X6.

Majesticum. Yellow, red margin, midrib and mottling, linear, 15 in. long. G.Z. 18, p. 97. G. 2:163. F. 1876, p. 53. F.M. 1874:103.