(Greek, bell-like, alluding to the shape of the flowers). Campanulaceae. Twining or decumbent perennials, more or less hardy in the open, with showy blue, whitish or greenish flowers.

Herbs, with tuberous rhizomes: leaves alternate or irregularly opposite, petiolate, mostly crenate: flowers axillary or terminal, stalked; calyx-tube hemispherical, the limb 5-parted and the lobes leafy; corolla-tube broadly tubular or bell-shaped, 5-parted (rarely 4- or 6-parted); stamens free, the filaments dilated at base; stigma 3-5-lobed: fruit a dry or somewhat fleshy 3-5valved caps. - Eighteen or 20 species in Cent, and E. Asia. A few of the species may occur in choice border-collections; they need protection N.


Benth. Six to 12 in., decumbent and branches becoming erect: leaves ovate, small (3/4in. or less long), both alternate and opposite, acute or obtuse, hairy, short-petioled: flowers pale blue, speckled inside, 1 1/4in. or less long, broadly bell-shaped, on long terminal peduncles. Himalayas. - Offered in England; half-hardy to-hardy.

C. clematidea, Schr. Two to 3 ft., from mts. of Asia; one of the-hardiest: leaves ovate-acuminate, petioled: flowers white tinged blue. Much like C. ovata. - C. convolvulacea, Kurz. stems thin and wiry: fls bright blue, 1 in. across, numerous. Upper Burma. - C. lanceolata, Benth. & Hook. (Campanumaea lanceolata, Sieb. & Zucc). Twining, 2-3 ft.: flowers hanging, greenish white and purple-veined, 1-2 in. long and 1 in. wide, in a short simple raceme: leaves alternate, oblong-lanceolate, nearly or quite entire. Burma, China. F.S. 9:927. - C. Tangshen, Oliver. Climbing, with long thickened rhizome, the stems slender and 2 ft. or more long: leaves ovate or broad-lanceolate, toothed: flowers solitary, stalked, bell-shaped, 1 1/2 in. long, greenish, spotted and striped purple inside. China. B.M. 8090. Root used in China as a tonic. - C. vinciflbra, Fedde. Allied to C. convolvulacea: twining, slender: leaves mostly opposite, ovate or oblong-acuminate, sinuate-dentate: flowers solitary, very long-pedun-cled, rather small, rotate, and deeply parted, lilac. W. China. - C. viridifldra, Maxim. Small climber, free-flowering: flowers bell-shaped, whitish green, gray and violet.

E. Asia. L H B