(helmet-flower, Greek). Orchid-acese. Not to be confounded with Coryanthes. Fifteen or more terrestrial orchids of Austral., New Zeal, and Malaysia, little cultivated Dwarf, delicate, tuberous-rooted or fleshy-rooted herbs, bearing a solitary broad If. and a large solitary flower: upper sepal large, helmet-shaped; lateral sepals free, linear or filiform; petals (sometimes wanting) smaller than lateral sepals and similar to them; lip large, tubular at base, the margins inclosing the column, the upper part extended into a broad reflexed limb; pollinia 4. C. picta, Lindl., Malaya, is 3-4 in. high: upper part of flower deep purple and yellow, and lower part with four long awl-like segments and a bract at base of ovary. C. limbdta, Hook, f., Java, is mostly even lower, with flower purple and white, the ovate-cordate If. with reticulating white veins. B.M. 5357.


(referring to the helmet-shape). Gesneriaceae. By some referred to Gesnera: a half-hundred or more leafy-stemmed tuberous herbs of tropical S. Amer., with mostly red or speckled tubular flowers in terminal umbels or racemes, or solitary or few in the axils: lip of corolla erect, concave; disk 5-glandular; stamens didy-namous. It is doubtful whether any of the species are in the trade. C. macropodum, Sprague, recently mentioned, is a glandular-hirsute herb, 6-9 in. high, from a subglobose tuber: leaves 3-5 in. across, suborbicular: flowers in solitary axillary cymes, 5-7-flowered, cinnabar-red, the corolla-tube about 1 in. long and nearly cylindric, the limb only slightly 2-lipped, the 3 lower lobes blotched purple. S. Brazil. B.M. 8228. - A handsome little plant. These plants are probably to be handled after the manner of gloxinias and similar things.


: Phacelia


: Cosmos


: Thelesperma.


: Podachaenium.


(Jos. fruit Charpentier de Cossigny, 1730-1789, French naturalist). Sapindaceae. Shrubs or little trees of about 3 species, sometimes mentioned for cultivation in warmhouses. C. pinnata, Comm., of Mauritius, has white flowers in terminal panicled corymbs, and odd-pinnate leaves, with 3-5 oblong and entire leaflets


: The rayless form of Chrysanthemum Balsamita, known as variety tanacetoides.


: species of Populus.


(Greek, small cup, the bases of the clasping leaves forming a hollow or basin). Compositae. Small diffuse or much-branched strong-smelling annual or perennial yellow-flowered herbs, a few of the perennials sometimes used as carpeters in rock-gardens.

Leaves alternate, toothed, lobed or pinnatisect: heads pedunculate, hemispherical or bell-shaped, many-flowered and discoid; outer or marginal florets nearly or quite apetalous, usually pistillate and fertile; disk-florets 4-toothed, fertile or male; torus naked; pappus not evident: achene glabrous, compressed. - About 50 or 60 species, largely in the southern hemisphere.