Tree, to 15 ft., spiny: leaves broadly ovate, acuminate, rounded or cuneate at the base, dark yellow-green, slightly hairy on the veins below while young: corymbs 10-14-flowered; flowers 3/4in. across; stamens 20: fruit obovoid, crimson, in Sept., soon falling. W. N. Y. - C. diffusa, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa. Intricately branched spiny shrub, to 15 ft., glabrous: leaves ovate, acuminate, rounded or cuneate at the base, dark bluish green and slightly scabrate above: corymbs 6-12-fid.; stamens 10: fruit subglobose, scarlet, less than 1/2in. across, in Oct. W. N. Y. - ft Dippeliana, Lange (C. tanacetifolia variety Leeana, Hort. C. tanacetifolia X C. punctata?). Small tree, spiny: leaves rhombic-elliptic, lobed, sparingly pubescent above, densely beneath: corymbs densely villous; stamens 20: fruit subglobose, reddish yellow or dull red. Origin unknown. Gn. 33, p. 468. - ft dissona, Sarg. (C. pruinosa variety dissona, Eggleston). Allied to C. pruinosa. Slender spiny shrub, to 10 ft., glabrous: leaves ovate to rhombic, cuneate at the base, dark bluish green: corymbs 5-7-flowered; stamens 10; anthers purple: fruit subglobose, crimson, in Oct. Mass. - ft dsungarica, Zabel. Allied to C. sanguinea.


No. 50.

leaves deeply lobed, sparingly pubescent or nearly glabrous: corymbs slightly pubescent: fruit black; stones without or with slight furrows. Of unknown origin. - ft Dunbari, Sarg. Shrub, to 12 ft., spiny: leaves ovate to suborbicular, usually rounded at the base, slightly lobed, glabrous or slightly rough above: corymbs 10-14-flowered: fruit subglobose, crimson, 1/2in. across, in Oct. W. N. Y. Belongs to group Anomalae, allied to Tenuifoliae. - ft durobrivensis, Sarg. Allied to C. coccinioides. Shrub, to 20 ft., spiny: leaves ovate, with 3-4 pairs of short lobes, glabrous: corymbs glabrous; stamens 20: fruit bright red, in Oct. N. Y. S.T.S. 1:2. - ft elliptica, Ait. (C. glandulosa, Moench. C. flava variety pubescens, Gray). Allied to C. flava. Leaves broader, of firmer texture, more pubescent and glandular: fruit subglobose, red or yellow. Southern states. B.R. 22: 1890 (as C. spathulata). - ft elliptica, Beadle, is C. senta, Beadle, a species allied to C. flava. S.S. 13:697. - ft elliptica, Mohr, is C. signata, Beadle, a species allied to C. Crus-galli. S.S. 13:644. - C. exornata, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa.

Shrub, to 10 ft., spiny: leaves ovate, usually rounded at the base, slightly lobed, dark yellow-green and rough above: corymbs 5-6-flowered; stamens 7-10; anthers pink: fruit subglobose, scarlet, less than 1/2in. across, in Sept. Ont. - C. Faxonii, Sarg. Allied to C. rotundifolia. Shrub, to

10 ft., spiny: leaves broadly ovate, with 4-5 pairs of short lobes, nearly glabrous at maturity: corymbs villous; stamens 5-10: fruit dark crimson, in Sept. N. H. S.T.S. 1:60. - ft ferentaria, Sarg. Allied to C. macraeantha. Intricately branched shrub, to 12 ft., with stout spines: leaves rhombic or obovate, puberulous below on the veins: corymbs slightly villous; stamens 7-10; anthers white: fruit subglobose or ovoid, 1/3in. long, scarlet, with usually 2 stones, ripening in Oct. W. N. Y. - C.flabellata, Spach (C. Grayana, Eggleston). Allied to C. pedicellata. Shrub, to 20 ft.: leaves ovate, with short acute lobes, at first sparingly hairy above and villous at the veins beneath: corymbs slightly villous; calyx-lobes sparingly glandular-serrate; stamens 20: fruit ovoid, crimson, with 3-5 stones, in Sept. Que. - ft florentina, Zuccagni=Pyrus crataegifolia. - C.foetida, Ashe (C. Baxteri, Sarg.). Allied to C. intricata. Intricately branched, spiny shrub, to 12 ft., glabrous: leaves ovate or oval: corymbs usually 5-6-flowered; calyx-lobes serrate: fruit subglobose, orange-red or red-brown, about 1/2in. thick, with 3-4 stones, in Oct. Mass. to Ont. and Va. - ft Fontanesiana, Steud. Allied to C. Crus-galli. Leaves elliptic or elliptic-lanceolate, almost glabrous, shining above: corymbs many-flowered, pubescent: fruit red.

Probably hybrid of C. Crus-galli. - C. Forbesae, Sarg. Allied to C. pastorum. Shrub, to 15 ft.: leaves ovate to oval, cuneate or rounded at the base, slightly lobed: stamens 20; anthers dark rose-color: fruit globose or ovoid, scarlet, with thin and juicy flesh. Mass. - ft formosa, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa. Shrub, to 15 ft.: leaves oblong-ovate, rounded or cuneate at the base, slightly lobed, slightly hairy above while young: corymbs many-flowered: fruit ovoid or obovoid, scarlet, pruinose, with 4-5 stones. N. Y. - ft gemmosa, Sarg. Allied to C. succulenta. Tree, to 30 ft., spiny: leaves broadly obovate to broadly elliptic, doubly serrate and often slightly lobed, at maturity pubescent on the midrib beneath: corymbs villous: fruit scarlet, lustrous, in Oct. N. Y. to Mich, and Ont. S.S. 13:686. - ft geneseensis, Sarg. Allied to C. Crus-galli. Small tree, to 12 ft., spiny, glabrous: leaves obovate-oblong, pointed at the rounded or acute apex, with prominent veins: corymbs many-flowered, lax; anthers pink: fruit ovoid, scarlet, 1/2in. long, with 1-3 nutlets, in Oct. W. N. Y. G.C. III. 53:115. - ft glandulosa, Moench=C. elliptica. - C. gloridsa, Sarg. Allied to C. pedicellata.

Tree, to 25 ft., with few spines: leaves ovate, cuneate or rounded at the base, rough above, slightly pubescent on the veins below, sometimes finally glabrous: corymbs 10-15-flowered; stamens 7-10: fruit ovoid, often unsymmetrical, deep crimson, in Sept. W. N. Y. -C. grandiflora, Koch (C. lobata, Bosc. Cratae-mespilus grandiflora, Camus). Small tree: leaves elliptic, serrate, often slightly lobed toward the apex, pubescent: flowers 1-3, large: fruit brown, globose, large. Supposed to be a hybrid between Mespilus germanica and a Crataegus. G.F. 10:35. R.H. 1869, p. 80. - ft Grayana, Eggleston=C. flabel-lata. - C. Hdrbisonii, Beadle. Belongs to group Bracteatae allied to Intricatae. Tree, to 25 ft.: leaves oval or broadly obovate, coarsely serrate; petioles glandular: corymbs many-flowered, with conspicuous glandular bracts:fruit red or bright red, in Oct. S.S. 13:691. - C.hetero-phtflla, Fluegge. Allied toC. monogyna. Leaves larger, usually trifid: fruit larger, bright red: corymbs many-flowered B.R. 14:1161; 22:1847. - ft hiemalis, Lange. Possibly C. Crus-galli X C. pentagyna. Leaves elliptic to ovate, densely serrate or slightly lobed, lustrous above, pubescent on the veins beneath: corymbs villous; stamens 15, with purple anthers: fruit purplish black.