Origin unknown. - C. Holmesiana, Sarg. Allied to C. pedicellata. Tree, to 30 ft.: leaves oval or ovate, slightly lobed, at maturity yellowish green, glabrous: flowers 1/2-3/4in. across; stamens usually 5, anthers purple: fruit ovoid, crimson, with usually 3 stones. Montreal to Pa., W. N. Y. and Ont. S.S. 13:676. - ft integriloba, Sarg. Allied to C. tomentosa. Tree, to 10 ft., spiny: leaves broadly obovate or oval, broadly cuneate at the base, slightly lobed, glabrous: corymbs villous; calyx-lobes entire: fruit subglobose, 1/3- 1/2in. across, scarlet, lustrous. Que. G.C. III. 47:60. - C. irrasa, Sarg. Allied to C. pedicellata. Shrub, to 12 ft.: leaves ovate, cuneate or rounded at the base, slightly lobed, lustrous and glabrous above: stamens 20, anthers yellow: fruit ovoid, dark red, lustrous. Que. - C. Korolkowii, Henry=C. Wattiana. See also No. 50. - C. lauta, Sarg. Allied to C. Ellwangeriana. Arborescent shrub, spiny: leaves ovate, acuminate, scabrate above, sparingly pubescent on the veins below: corymbs 8-12-flowered, compact: fruit ovoid, bright orange-red, 3/4in. long, with 5 nutlets, in Sept. Origin unknown, much planted in Boston parks. - C. leiophylla, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa.

Slender intricate, spiny shrub, to 15 ft., glabrous: leaves broadly ovate, usually rounded or truncate at the base, dark dull blue-green above: corymbs 5-7-flowered , compact; anthers yellow: f r. obovoid, bright red, 1/2in. long, with usually 4 stones, in Nov. W. N. Y. - C. livoniana, Sarg. Allied to C. Crus-galli. Tree, to 20 ft., spiny, glabrous: leaves oblong-obovate, acute or rounded at the apex, finely and often doubly serrate: corymbs lax, 10-18-flowered; calyx-lobes glandular-serrate: fruit subglobose to ovoid, dark crimson, 1/2in. long, with 2-4 stones, in Oct. N. Y. S.T.S. 2:129. - C. lobata, Bosc=C. grandiflora. - C. lucorum, Sarg. Allied to C. pastorum. Tree to 25 ft., spiny: leaves broadly ovate to obovate, slightly lobed, glabrous: corymbs villous, few-flowered; stamens 20, with purple anthers: fruit ovoid, crimson, in Sept. 111. S.S. 13:679. - C. maineana, Sarg. (C. leiophylla variety maineana, Eggleston). Allied to C. pruinosa. Tree-like shrub, to 15 ft., spiny, glabrous: leaves ovate to deltoid, acuminate, hairy while young: corymbs many-flowered; stamens 10; anthers dark purple: fruit globose, scarlet, scarcely pruinose, about 1/2in. thick, in Oct. W. N. Y. - ft matura, Sarg. Allied to C. pastorum.

Shrub, to 10 ft., with few spines, glabrous: leaves oval to ovate-oblong, usually cuneate at the base, dark green above, yellow-green below: corymbs many-flowered; stamens 5-10; anthers red: fruit ovoid, dark purplish crimson, 3/4in. long, in Aug. Vt., Mass., N. Y. - C. Maximowiczii, Schneid. (C. sanguinea variety villosa, Maxim.). Allied to C. sanguinea. Small tree, to 20 ft: leaves ovate, slightly lobed, pilose below: corymbs densely pilose: fruit pilose when young, finally glabrous. Amurland, Manchuria. - C. microcarpa, Lindl.=C. spathulata. - C. opulens, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa. Shrub, to 15 ft., spiny, glabrous: leaves oblong-ovate to oval, acuminate, hairy above while young: corymbs 5-8flowered, compact: fruit subglobose, obscurely angled, crimson, slightly pruinose, 1/2in- long, in Oct. W. N. Y. - C. Palmeri, Sarg. Allied to C. Crus-galli. Tree, to 25 ft.: leaves broadly ovate to oblong, rounded or acute at the apex, coarsely serrate, glabrous: corymbs glabrous; stamens 10, with yellow anthers: fruit dull green, tinged with red, in Oct. S.M. 381. - C. peregrina, Sarg. Allied to C. mollis.

Tree: leaves ovate, broadly cuneate, with 5-6 pairs of narrow lobes, glabrous above, villous beneath: corymbs many-flowered, villous: fruit ovate-globose, dark dull purple, pubescent at the base and apex, 1/2in. across. Origin unknown, probably S. W. Asia. S.T.S. 2:191. - C. per-jucunda, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa. Spiny shrub, glabrous: leaves ovate, acuminate, dark green above: corymbs 8-10-flowered; anthers white: fruit ovoid, orange-red, finally crimson, slender-stalked, less than 1/2in. long, in Oct. Ont., N. Y. - C. persimilis, Sarg. Allied to C. Crus-galli. Shrub, to 8 ft.: leaves oblong-obovate to oval, usually acute, veins prominent, slightly hairy while young: corymbs slightly villous; stamens 10-20: fruit subglobose or ovoid, crimson, lustrous, with 1-2 stones. N. Y. - C. praecox, Sarg. (C. praecoqua, Sarg.). Allied to C. rotundifolia. Shrub, to 10 ft., spiny: leaves rhomboidal to oval, slightly hairy while young, glabrous at maturity and scabrous above: corymbs slightly villous, many-flowered; stamens 10: fruit subglobose, dark crimson, 2/3in. thick, in Aug. Vt., Que. - C. promissa, Sarg. Allied to C. pruinosa.

Shrub, to 12 ft., spiny, glabrous: leaves oblong-ovate, acuminate, deeply lobed: corymbs lax, many-flowered; stamens 5-7; anthers pink: fruit ovoid, crimson, not pruinose, less than 1/2in. long, in Sept. W. N. Y. - C. Pyracantha, Pers.=Pyracantha coccinea. - C. rivularis, Nutt. Allied to C. Douglasii. Shrub: leaves ovate-lanceolate, serrate, glabrous at length. Wyo. to Colo, and Utah. S.S. 4:176. - C.Sar-gentii, Beadle. Allied to C. intricata. Tree, to 20 ft.: leaves elliptic to oblong-ovate, slightly lobed, glabrous at maturity: corymbs slightly villous or glabrous; stamens 20, with purple anthers: fruit yellow or orange-yellow, tinged with red, in Sept. Ga. to Tenn, and Ala. - C. songarica, Regel=C. Wattiana. - C. spathulata, Michx. Shrub or tree, to 20 ft.: leaves cuneate, oblanceolate, crenately serrate or 3-lobed at the apex: corymbs many-flowered: fruit scarlet, globular, 1/4in. across. Southern states. S.S. 4:185. B.R. 22:1846 (as C. microcarpa). The only species of the group Microcarpae allied to the Apiifoliae. - C. triflora, Chapm. Shrub or small tree, to 20 ft.: leaves ovate or elliptic, serrate, often slightly lobed, pubescent, 1 - 2 1/2 in. long: corymbs 3-flowered, hirsute; flowers 1 in. across; stamens 20; anthers yellow: fruit globose, red.

Ga., Ala. Belongs to the group Triflorae, allied to Intricate. - Very distinct and handsome; has proved hardy at the Arnold Arboretum. - C. verecunda, Sarg. Allied to C. intricata. Shrub, about 3 ft., spiny, glabrous: leaves oblong-obovate or oval, acute or acuminate, light bluish green: corymbs 6-10-flowered; stamens 7; anthers white: fruit ovoid or obovoid, less than 1/2in. long, with 2-3 stones, in Sept. or Oct. W. N. Y. - C. Wattiana, Hemsl. & Lace. (C. altaica, Lange. C. songarica, Regel). Allied to C. san-guinea. Leaves smaller, truncate at the base, glabrous: corymbs glabrous: fruit yellow or reddish yellow, smaller. Cent. Asia. variety incisa, Schneid. (C. Korolkowii, Henry. C. sanguinea variety incisa, Regel). Leaves morel deeply and acutely lobed. R.H. 1901:301. - C. Wilsonii, Sarg. Allied to C. tomentosa. Shrub, to 20 ft.: leaves ovate or obovate, acute or obtuse, lustrous above, sparingly villous beneath: fruit ovoid, red, nearly 1/2in. long, with 1-3 stones. Cent.

China. Alfred Rehder.