(Greek, referring to character of stigma). Scrophularidceae. Torenia-like perennial low nearly stemless herbs of E. and S. Africa, sometimes grown under glass. Leaves radical, plantago-like, many-nerved, entire: flowers lilac and purple, spicate, racemose or even solitary; calyx tubular, 5-ribbed and narrowly 5-toothed; corolla tubular, 5-ribbed and 5-toothed, the tube enlarged toward the top, the limb 2-lipped, the dorsal lip concave and entire or emarginate, the other large and spreading and 3-lobed: stamens 4 and perfect, in unequal pairs; style filiform, 2-lobed and dilated at apex: fruit an oblong caps, included in the calyx. Differs from Torenia in technical floral characters and in being nearly or quite stemless and with only radical leaves - About 4 species. C. pumilum, Hochst. (Torenia auriculaefolia, Dombr.) has flowers on slender pedicels 1/2 -1 1/4 in. long, the corolla-lobes pale lilac blotched with purple and veined with white: leaves sessile, ovate, in a basal rosette, pubescent beneath and nearly glabrous above.

E.Africa. F.M. 10:534. - A stemless perennial. l.h.b.