27. Lineare, Linn. F

Bulb small, ovoid: leaves linear, 1 1/2-2 ft. long, 1/2in. broad, glaucous, channeled on the face, the margin entire: flowers 5-6, the peduncle slender and about 1 ft. long, the pedicels 3/4in. or less long; tube slender, 2 1/2 in. or less long; segments 2-3 in. long, white tinged with red in center, oblong or oblanceolate, acute; stamens much shorter than segments Cape region. B.M. 915 (as Amaryllis revoluta). B.R. 623 (as A. revoluta variety gracilior).

dd. segments of perianth pure white (exception in one form of No. 29). E. Pedicels very short or 0.

28. Podophyllum, Baker

Bulb subglobose, 2 in. or less diam., without evident neck: leaves 5 or 6, 1 ft. long,

2 in. or less wide, oblanceolate, acute, thin, narrowed to base: flowers 2, sessile, the slender compressed peduncle 1 ft. long; tube 5-6 in. long, slender and curved; limb somewhat erect, the segments

oblong-spatulate, pure white; filaments nearly as long as limb. Upper Guinea. B.M.

6483. - Perhaps a form of C. giganteum: late autumn; warm-house.

29. Giganteum, Andr

Bulb globose, 5-6 in. thick, the neck short: leaves 12 or more, lanceolate, narrowed both ways, 2-3 ft. long, 3-4 in. broad, veins distant, with distinct cross veinlets: flowers 4-6, rarely 8-12 on a stout compressed peduncle 2-3 ft. long; tube 5-7 in. long; segments pure white, much imbricated, oblong; filaments pure white, an inch shorter than segments tropical Africa B.M. 5205. F.S. 23:2443. G.F. 4:223. I.H. 33:617. -A very fragrant species. variety nobile, Baker (C. nobile, Bull), has the peduncle and flower suffused with tinge of red. - C. giganteum is large or gigantic only in its flowers; summer; warmhouse.

30. Rattrayii, Hort

Excellent stove plant, 20 in.: leaves ascending, strap-shaped, acute, entire, dark green: flowers pure white, with a spread of 6 in., in few-flowered umbels; segments ovate-elliptic, acute or sometimes erose; stamens strongly declined, nearly equaling the segments Uganda. G.C. III. 38:11 and suppl.

31. Abyssinicum, Hochst

Bulb ovoid, 3 in. thick, the neck short: leaves about 6, linear, 1-1 1/2 ft. long, 1/2-1 in. wide, veins close, margin rough, narrowed to a point: flowers 4-6, on a peduncle 1-2 ft. high, the pedicels very short or 0; perianth white, the tube slender, 2 in. or less long, the segments oblong, acute, 2-3 in. long and 3/4in. or less broad; filaments less than 1 in. long. Mts. of Abyssinia. Greenhouse.

32. Virgineum, Mart

Bulb large and brown: foliage as in C. giganteum, the leaves 2-3 ft. long and 3-4 in. broad at the middle, narrowed both ways, pointed: flowers about 6, sessile or very nearly so; tube 3-4 in. long; segments pure white, connivent, acute, as long as the tube; filaments much shorter than the segments S. Brazil. See also C. virginicum under No. 23.

ee. Pedicels 1 in. long.

33. Imbricatum, Baker

Bulb very large, globose: leaves strap-shaped, very thin, 3 ft. long, 3 in. broad at middle and narrower toward base, distinctly veined: flowers 5-6, on a stout peduncle 1 ft. or more long; tube slender and curved, 3 in. long, the campanulate limb of equal length; segments imbricated, oblong-obtuse; filaments 1 in. shorter than segments S. Africa - Allied to C. giganteum.

Crinums hybridize so freely, and the progeny is so likely to be interesting, that many mongrel forms have been recorded under Latin names. It is not feasible to account for all such names here. Many of the forms are soon lost. - C. Lugardae, N. E. Br. Bulb small: leaves long and narrow, rough-edged: flowers 2-6, the peduncle 1 ft. or less high; tube nearly or quite 4 in. long; segments lanceolate, about or nearly as long as tube, white with light pink median stripe. tropical Africa - C. natans. Baker. Allied to C. purpurascens, but aquatic, the 20 or so strap-shaped undulate leaves submerged: bulb small, narrow-ovoid, with many long fibrous roots: flowers few, white, the narrow segments recurved. Upper Guinea. B.M. 7862. - C. rhoddnthum, Baker. Leaves lorate, exceeding 1 ft., thick, ciliate-edged: flowers many; tube 3 in. long; segments red, lanceolate, 2 1/2 in. long, erect-spreading and curved in upper part; stamens as long as segments, the filaments red. Cent. Africa G.C. III. 33:315. -C. Samuelii, Worsley. Bulb 3 in. diam. and 2 1/2 in. long: leaves sometimes 4 ft. long, rough-edged: flowers 2, sessile, on peduncle 1 ft. high, white slightly flushed with pink, not fragrant, 4 1/2 in. across.

Cent. Africa - C. Vassei, Boiss. Bulb ovoid, 4 in. across, without distinct neck: leaves linear-lorate, 2 ft. or less long, 2 in. broad, rough-edged: flowers about 15, on peduncle 1 ft. or less high, white with red median stripes; perianth funnel-shaped, 8 in. long, the tube curved and red, the segments linear-lanceolate, and a little shorter than tube. Mozambique. R.H. 1908: 132. - C. Wimbushii, Worsley. Differs from C. Samuelii in leaves not rough-edged, flowers on short pedicels, faintly fragrant, less lasting and with longer style. Cent. Africa - C. zanzibarense, Hort.= (?).

L. H. B.†