The product secured from an area of cultivated plants; as, a crop of wheat, a crop of mushrooms, a crop of violets. The word is used generically for classes of products, as grain crop, root crop, forest or timber crop, fiber crop, flower crop, seed crop, salad crop. It is employed also as a verb,-the cropping of the land, to crop to fruit.

Other limitations of the word refer to duration and inter-relations: catch-crop, a secondary crop grown between the succession of other crops, as in the time between a crop of radishes and a crop of cabbages; or between the rows or stands of other plants; companion-crop, a catch-crop grown between other growing plants, as lettuce between rows or hills of beans; succession-crop, a catch-crop succeeding another crop as late celery following early potatoes; cover-crop, a catch-crop grown usually late in the season, or in winter, to protect the land and to afford green-manure. Rotation-cropping is a form of succession-cropping. Double-cropping may be either companion-cropping or succession-cropping, or both. L. H. B.